22 Dec 2015

Impact windows are also known as hurricane windows. They are different from the single glazed or standard glass windows in that they are shatter-resistant, made of two layers of tempered or annealed glass bonded with a shatterproof membrane. Thus, impact windows have glass that is safer and will never fracture into large shards.

Shatterproof windows do more than protect against strong winds and flying debris. These windows will also make it more difficult for thieves to enter your property through them. Burglars will find it impossible to enter through impact windows without causing noise or waking the neighbors.

Aside from preventing robberies and damage from wind and flying debris, impact windows are also great for maintaining the structural integrity of your property’s roof. This is because with ordinary glass, strong winds can loosen the roof more easily, as it offers a new point of entry that will most certainly lead to costly damages given sustained pressure.

Thus, the top three reasons impact windows make sense are:

  1. To prevent large sharp shards of glass from a glass window caused by flying debris and strong winds from harming anyone.
  2. To deter robbers and thieves.
  3. To prevent extensive damage to the structural integrity of your roof.

There is also a fourth reason.

You can expect to spend less on energy use with impact windows. Energy efficiency is possible if the impact windows have low emissivity glass, also known as Low E glass. Low E glass is glass with a hair-thin transparent coating that reflects heat back in while reducing heat loss. It’s similar to the concept of a cooler with insulation that keeps drinks cold or food warm.

Aside from saving on heating or cooling, other benefits are:

  • Easier maintenance for rugs, toys, upholstery, etc. which won’t fade from being exposed to sunlight from the windows.
  • No skin burning during the hot months if you have several windows.
  • Protection of furniture from the damage from direct sunlight.
  • More privacy without having to invest in curtains or shades because impact windows can be ordered in different glass colors like colored tints, green, blue, bronze, or gray.
  • You and everyone in the house are protected from UV rays, as impact windows can block UV rays 100%.

Finally, from the perspective of a homeowner, impact windows increase the value of your property, lower insurance, decrease outdoor noise pollution, and add to the appeal of your property.