31 Aug 2017

Based on last quarter 2016 figures, homes in the United States are targeted by burglars every 18 seconds daily. And these burglars are successful in gaining unlawful entry into American homes. According to an FBI crime report, one house out of every 36 houses in the country are burglarized with an average loss of slightly […]

20 Jul 2017

The Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program of Florida was created after Category 5 Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Since then it has been activated 20 times after disasters hit the state and assisted over 2,700 small businesses across the state with over $63 million in loan assistance. This program is kept active for a limited […]

20 Jul 2017

From “hurricane amnesia” to hurricane parties, too many are taking risks that can only be described as downright crazy. Last October when Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, leading the hurricane parties was Vanilla Ice who vowed to ride out a hurricane 4 with an “extreme weather live-tweeting” gimmick.  Considering that Hurricane Matthew was tagged as the […]

15 Jun 2017
Hand on storm window

There are many benefits from having storm windows installed.  When a hurricane is approaching your area, it is vital to make sure that your house will be able to withstand the impact of the storm. Conventional windows can easily be broken by the high winds and heavy rains that are associated with these storms. This […]

13 Jun 2017

Coping with hurricane anxiety can be a tremendous burden.  Hurricane Sandy was in 2012, yet people still remember and feel emotionally traumatized by the force of that devastating storm. After all, 147 lives were lost and approximately 60 million affected according to The New York Times. Although most of those affected have been able to […]

11 Jun 2017
Large House for Sale

Here are some great Tips to Increase your Home’s Value!  Increasing the value of your home can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, or even more. The amount of money you spend to make these improvements is completely up to you, as the homeowner. You can start by having a […]

09 Jun 2017
Hurricane Depressed Lady

Hurricane-prone areas like Florida attracted almost 113 million visitors in 2016. Florida remains a top destination even though surveys reveal that many travelers are concerned about safety and security. On top of that, their family and friends also tend to voice their concerns. Here’s what you can do to ease these fears. Hurricane Policies Many […]

08 Jun 2017

Did you know there are four main reasons why window and door glass breaks? Glass breaks because of impact, stress, spontaneous breakage, or edge damage. Ordinarily, glass will break from impact and cause shards to fly regardless of type of glass. Impact breakage is very dangerous because it happens suddenly and the shards can fly […]

05 Jun 2017

Just recently, the Colorado State University forecasters released their 2017 hurricane season prediction. They believe that the country will experience fewer hurricanes this year or 11 storms and 2 hurricanes which is slightly below the annual average. In fact, a direct hit for Florida and the East Coast has about 24% chance compared to the […]