09 Feb 2018
House with windows

Have you ever seen professionals retrofit windows and doors? Doesn’t it look reasonably straightforward since you don’t replace the existing frame? It should be an “open and shut” DIY project, right? Unfortunately, professionals make it look easy because they’ve done it a hundred and more times. For a homeowner interested in saving money with a […]

02 Feb 2018
Florida Home on the beach

In 1992 when Hurricane Andrew hit South Miami, the damages to houses were extensive and severe. Looking back at the property development market in the 1980s, according to the History of Miami Museum, a significant fact shows that there was overbuilding and less than stringent regulations on property development. The Category 5 hurricane proved how […]

26 Dec 2017
Hurricane damage

Americans who live in storm-prone areas understand the gravity of hurricanes, need for insurance and emergency plans, and have a strategy for survival and recovery. They also read up on meteorology, property risk mitigation, real property market, and emergency management. Some even go as far as taking formal lessons in weather patterns and bunker construction. […]

19 Dec 2017

Many homes in the state of Florida and around the country have installed hurricane impact windows. At East Coast windows, while this trend has validated our products, we also believe in making sure homeowners understand the realities of owning a hurricane-protected structure. One of the main reasons for hurricane impact windows and doors is that […]

12 Dec 2017
Hurricane - Sea coming ashore

2017 is now being seen as one of the worst hurricane seasons since 2005 because even though the hurricane season has not yet ended, there have already been 4 hurricanes to make landfall in the country, three of them were category 4 storms. The question is not about the significance of the hurricane season although […]

31 Aug 2017
Family of four playing monopoly in the living room

Based on last quarter 2016 figures, homes in the United States are targeted by burglars every 18 seconds daily. And these burglars are successful in gaining unlawful entry into American homes. According to an FBI crime report, one house out of every 36 houses in the country are burglarized with an average loss of slightly […]