08 Jun 2017
Broken glass that resembles a spiderweb

Did you know there are four main reasons why window and door glass breaks? Glass breaks because of impact, stress, spontaneous breakage, or edge damage. Ordinarily, glass will break from impact and cause shards to fly regardless of type of glass. Impact breakage is very dangerous because it happens suddenly and the shards can fly […]

05 Jun 2017
Dinning room with wall windows exposing a beautiful view

Just recently, the Colorado State University forecasters released their 2017 hurricane season prediction. They believe that the country will experience fewer hurricanes this year or 11 storms and 2 hurricanes which is slightly below the annual average. In fact, a direct hit for Florida and the East Coast has about 24% chance compared to the […]

01 Jun 2017

Energy efficiency is a modern term that refers to anything that can reduce your consumption of power and ease the cost of your cooling and heating system. According to the US Energy Information Administration, there are distinct differences between being able to conserve energy and being energy efficient. Being able to conserve energy refers to […]

28 May 2017

Preparing for Hurricane Season 2017!  May 15 is the official start of the hurricane season in the northeast Pacific Ocean while for the Atlantic Ocean, it will start on the first day of June. That’s not far off.  The season will end on the last day of November for both regions. You may have started […]

23 Dec 2016

A hurricane is a natural disaster that has far reaching consequences. It can cause extensive damage, not only to the coastline, but for several hundred miles inland. Flying debris and flooding caused by heavy rainfall are just a couple of the dangers associated with a hurricane. A slow moving hurricane is more likely to cause […]

23 Dec 2016

If you are looking to improve the value of your home, you can invite a realtor or interior designer to come to your home and many times the realtor will do this as a courtesy. They will be able to suggest improvements such as, paint colors and furniture placement. You can also hire a home […]