29 Aug 2016


After the windows and doors have been installed, it isn’t good enough to just clean it once a month or once every quarter. There are ways to maintain and make sure these fixtures stay strong and enjoy a long lifespan.

The Window and Door Frames

Frames should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water. However, it is important to test a small area of the frame with the cleaning solution to see it will damage the frame or not. Other do’s and don’ts include:

  • Do check the seals or weather stripping
  • Do use clean water and a soft cloth when wiping down the frames
  • Do check the locks and sills
  • Don’t any harsh cleaner, solvent, or oil-based lubricants
  • Don’t make changes to the frame design or attach anything without consulting your window expert first

The Glass

For single pane glass, condensation can happen and is not unusual especially if the temperature differences (inside and outside the room) is extreme. To reduce condensation, you will need to circulate the air better by opening the window a little, installing an exhaust fan, change to double pane windows, or using a dehumidifier, among other options.

Some do’s and don’ts for glass include:

  • Do use clean water and mild soap
  • Do clean the screen separate from the window glass
  • Don’t use anything sharp when cleaning the glass
  • Don’t use a high pressure washer or nozzle to clean the glass

How to Clean your Windows

Forget about using that commercial blue glass cleaner. The color of that product is what makes it look appealing but you can concoct a better cleaning solution right at home with common kitchen ingredients.

The key to a good cleaning solution for glass is making sure you use just a bit of soap to avoid getting suds. Suds can stick to glass and cause a filter to coat the glass. The only time to add more soap is when the glass is particularly dirty and grimy.

The ingredients include 2 quarts warm water, half a cup of ammonia, a pint of rubbing alcohol, a quarter cup of vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of mild soap.

Never use paper towels for cleaning glass. It’s too expensive and is not the best tool for the job. A better idea would be a sea sponge, squeegee, and a clean lint-free cloth. You can also use a clean old diaper if you have one around and would like to be environment-friendly.

Preparing for a Storm

Fortunately with impact windows and doors, you have less to worry about and don’t have much to worry about prior to the arrival of the hurricane as far as your windows and doors are concerned.

Quick tips to follow:

  • Don’t open the windows and doors under the presumption that allowing a little air through will lessen damage to the window. Impact windows and doors are designed for rough winds and rain.
  • Take a photo inventory of everything inside and outside the house so you can check them after the storm. In case of damage or losses, you can use these photos to help you claim insurance

Finally, don’t forget to check your roof and install braces if need be to protect your roof from flying off.