30 Jul 2016

A cozy wrap around porch with green rocking chairs and two ceiling fans looking into the back yardNo one wants the ugliest house on the block and you certainly won’t command a higher asking price if your home lacks curb appeal.  You also won’t get any prospects if your home’s exterior looks bad. After all, your house features may sound good on paper, but as soon as a potential buyer pulls up to the property, the first impression they get is a lasting one and can make or break the purchase.

This is because when buyers make offers and purchase a home, a great deal of the decision is based on visual and emotional response to the property and the home itself. Homes that look good make the buyer feel good and typically lead to a higher price.

So, if you’re serious about profiting in any market, there are certain things you must do to prep your home to appeal to buyers.  By following these upgrades and tricks, you will not only increase the quality of your home, but also increase the value and the curb appeal.

Here are 6 simple upgrades that will help your home stand against the competition:

1. Pull any extra weeds out of your yard. Make sure that the front lawn is trimmed and make sure any vines, etc are removed. Ensure that your yard looks neat and free of any additional debris.  This will communicate that your yard is well maintained.

2. Add plants of various colors. Flowers are absolutely beautiful. Plant a variety of annuals and perennials. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to create a small garden that looks nice. By adding flowers, different types of grasses, and other various sized plants, you’ll demonstrate that you care about your overall curb appeal. Use varying sizes and colors so that prospective buyers can easily see them.

3. Take time to match your interior curtains or blinds. Pick modern, cutting edge designs and looks. This interior change will look good from the outside. Plus, it will give your home a warm feel that is inviting and matched.

4. Wash your windows often and feature them. Keep those windows clean. If you have ugly exterior storm windows, then replace them immediately.  East Coast Windows and Doors, LLC is an award-winning window and door installation company in Florida. They own offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing hurricane impact windows and doors that are not only beautiful but extremely durable too.  Some of their products include sliding glass doors, awnings, double hung and casement windows, and more. Each product is engineered for style, creativity and durability.

5. Pay attention to your driveway. Your driveway may be all cracked up, filled with rocks, or dirty. Take some time out to clean the pavement, and try to fill some of the cracks in the cement so that these items are not as noticeable. If your driveway needs to be re done, don’t hesitate. You can get a new driveway for $1500 or less. Use a leaf blower to blow away unwanted accumulation in your driveway. Pull out your weed eater to chop down any weeds that are pushing up through cracks.

6. Spruce up your mailbox, mailbox numbers, house lights, and house numbers. Just taking some time out to buy a new mailbox and address numbers can immediately make the exterior of your house look better. These items do not normally cost a lot of money but will have an amazing effect once replaced. Pick a different style and see how different your house exterior will look. Installing a few new lights and placing them in the right spot will make the outside light up and look more expensive.

7. Take time to touch up or repaint your house. Make sure that colors are properly matched for a nice aesthetic look. Also, be sure that the paint job does not come out with an amateur look. This can boost your perceived house values immediately if done right.