27 Nov 2017

Truck in a hurricaneWith the recent devastation from Hurricane Irma and the media attention it generated because of its intensity and amount of damage it has caused, there are many who are confused about why the prediction failed to be accurate. Is weather prediction an old school skill no longer valid today?

The first fact about hurricanes is that they are unpredictable. They are unpredictable because there are several factors that can affect its course and intensity. Thus, weather stations and experts can predict, but they will never be able to accurately give more data until all the complex facts are provided to them. In fact, hurricane predictions have become very sophisticated because of mathematical models, historical data, plus the use of advanced instruments.

The second fact, the complex system that affects the course and intensity of a hurricane happens mostly over water, just like what happened with Hurricane Irma. Irma was predicted to land on the mainland of Florida, but veered at the last minute to the Keys and islands to the south. There was a 20 mile shift that was caused mainly by the Bermuda High.

The Bermuda High is a known high pressure area in the Bermuda waters that occurs during summer and spring. It causes the weather to fluctuate and change wind patterns. It causes thunderstorms and severe moisture that causes heavy rains. The Bermuda High is probably the reason why the damage to property and economy which was expected to be astronomical, and ended up being “not a bad as expected.”

The third fact is that it is always wiser to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This means that during the days when the weather is good – even during hurricane season – consider upgrading and protecting your home with hurricane windows and doors. These are reinforced structures that can block flying debris, strong winds and rains effectively, preventing them from wreaking havoc inside your homes. You can confidently lock up your home before a storm and evacuate knowing you have done everything possible to keep your belongings safe.

Finally, if you decide to invest in hurricane windows and doors, pick East Coast Windows because we have the years of experience and know-how to ensure safety and durability. While we cannot predict the course of storms or lower its intensity, we can be your partner in the security and protection of your family and property.