19 Dec 2017

FirefightersMany homes in the state of Florida and around the country have installed hurricane impact windows. At East Coast windows, while this trend has validated our products, we also believe in making sure homeowners understand the realities of owning a hurricane-protected structure.

One of the main reasons for hurricane impact windows and doors is that fact that these products can stand against heavy debris traveling at a speed of 50 feet/second. And hurricane impact windows and doors do not look unsightly at all. They are beautifully crafted in different designs from double-hung to fixed, and from sliding door to casement.

Another reason for the popularity of hurricane windows and doors is the fact that they are security windows as well and can protect a family from vandals, intruders, and thieves.  And here is where East Coast offers the difference.

In many cases in the past, when fires break out in a house with hurricane impact windows and doors, firefighters have a very difficult time accessing the house. They require tools and at least five precious minutes to break the windows and doors. Those who are trapped inside, on the other hand, experience similar difficulties. This situation has prompted us to either make sure there are interior open/close window and door operations that can be used or that there is a warning system that will inform and advice firefighters about the windows and doors structure. This will save time and allow first responders to adjust to the situation more quickly.

For those inside the house, we at East Coast suggest that all adult/responsible family members be oriented on how to exit the house safely. There should be a designated place where hand tools are kept inside the house for the purpose of making a hole in the glass. You can also inform your fire department to encode in their database that you have hurricane impact windows and doors. Some fire departments welcome this information but will require further details such as the type and sizes of impact windows and doors.

The additional steps you need to take may be a little inconvenient, but it’s a small adjustment for such a safe and secure investment on your property and family. Hurricane windows save lives and property. In many parts of the country, these kinds of windows are mandated in building codes especially in the Midwest area but are evident in parts that don’t normally get hit by hurricanes.

Along with hurricane impact windows and doors, there are other ways you can protect your house and family as your second line of defense. For instance, you can use hurricane roof clips to tie down your roof. These clips can hold up to 1500 pounds, although the standard weight for low danger areas is 500 pounds. Another option for protecting your roof is the cable tie which holds the roof in place with a cable system.

Finally, a relatively new innovation is the concrete cloth which can protect the walls of your home. This technology can stop a bullet from penetrating the wall and comes in a dry mixture which you mix with water.

There you have it! The complete hurricane set-up for your home! Contact us today for your hurricane impact windows and doors and be prepared for the next big one!