24 Apr 2016

dreams-storm-windowsThere is nothing like scrimping and saving your hard earned dollars and then spending it on a home improvement project that goes horribly wrong. If there are costly mistakes that you or your contractor makes, not only will this hit you in the wallet but, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth for future projects. If you’re considering getting new hurricane windows, don’t hire the first contractor you find. Instead, there are certain steps you must take to ensure that they are installed properly and efficiently. Companies like East Coast Windows, are not only well-known and established but their business is windows and pleasing their customers. Here are 5 tips that you should consider will choosing a contractor to install your dream storm windows:

1. Know what type of windows you’re looking for! It is not easy to know what type of window you desire, if you have never had storm windows installed in the past. It is beneficial to do some research into various storm windows to ensure you know what you want and what is right for your home. Be open and honest about what you’re looking for and the look you desire to make your room pop. Look at home improvement guides and magazines to give you a better idea for your personal style. Also, keep in mind these characteristics:

a.      Laminated glass that is double strength is good for hurricane and storm areas. If you live in a high storm area, you may want to choose laminated glass. These types of windows can withstand high winds and provide and air tight fit. Plus, if air is able to seep through the window, it can cause potential damage. These types of windows prevent this from happening.
b.      Good storm windows will have vinyl reinforced with steel. Not only will this look very nice but, it can add a solid layer of impact resistance. Many times, during a hurricane, objects can become airborne, allowing wind, rain and foreign objects to enter the home.
c.      A good storm window should never peel, fade, or flake off.  In fact, they should look good during good and bad weather. In fact, they should stay strong during inclement storm conditions. Be sure to check for this when conducting research. For instance, East Coast Window’s windows are affordable, beautiful, strong and can stand up to the toughest storm!

  1. Be aware of various types of windows. Although nailing plywood over windows is a good temporary emergency technique to protect your windows during a hurricane, it is also a huge undertaking to put it up and pull it down every time a storm comes through. There are technically advanced options, like hurricane storm windows, that are available. For instance, most are made of high-impact glass and are able to withhold their strength and beauty for many years. Plus, they keep you and your family safe during threatening hurricanes and violent storms.

    3. Research your glass options. There are 2 types of residential impact glass. One contains multiple layers of polyvinyl butyral (PRB). This is good to stand up against small projectiles and other airborne objects. The other is laminated glass that comes in hand for larger impacts. Impact windows have been tested against Category 5 winds and debris.

    4. Be clear when communicating your expectations to potential contractors. Knowing what you want ahead of time will help you communicate your vision clearly to potential contactors. The right contractor will be able to help guide you with his expertise. This will help the contractor properly quote the amount of what the job will entail. Put a list together of contractors in your local area and look through reviews and interview prospects. Compare prices, quality of material and warranties. Don’t hesitate to ask for examples and references to ensure that you’re on the same page.

    5. Discuss any and all concerns. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the contractor everything that you want to know about the price, the installation, and the projected completion date of the job. If you have any concerns, voice them to the contractor. Most importantly, have the contractor issue you a written warranty and guarantee. This will help ensure that they will not just walk away from the job and leave you hanging.