31 Oct 2016

window-door-contractorThings are going along fine with your window and door installation and then there is a problem. Maybe the wrong window style or type has been installed or the wrong window was replaced. You find your contractor and argue over the issue. The project comes to a halt and may delay the project. There are ways to come to a resolution for the problem. Look at your contract if you think there has been a major oversight.

Make sure to list the facts on paper before you discuss the issues with the contractor. Being clear about your expectations will make it easier to have the conversation with the contractor regarding where the issue lies. Do not bring past conflicts into the conversation, as this will cause frustration and cloud an open mind towards the situation.

When you do run into a problem with your window or door installer, resist an angry exchange in front of his or her employees. The contractor is less likely to admit that something has gone wrong in front of other people. Politely ask them if you may speak to them for a minute and take them to another area to speak to them in private.

Admit to the contractor that you do not know everything about the installation, but also make sure you state what you do know is wrong. While you are talking to the contractor, listen carefully to what they have to say. This can help you find where the miscommunication occurred in the first place and help you to avoid a similar situation in the future. After the contractor has finished talking, repeat what they have said back to them to make sure you understand. Even if the issue is the fault of the contractor, the first priority should be finding a solution so that your installation can be finished within the timeline. This would also be a good time to find out who is going to take on the financial responsibility of having the error corrected.

Create a plan and put it in writing. Make sure that you are both in agreement with what has been put into the plan. It may be a good idea to email a copy to yourself and the contractor.

The contractors at East Coast Windows and Doors have 25 years of experience. They are committed to ensuring that your experience with their company is top-notch. If, for some reason, you should have a question or concern about the installation of your windows or doors, the staff is more than happy to work on a solution to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.