08 Jan 2016


The Latest Apps, Impact Solutions and Tips

The past year was less stressful only in the sense that the country and the rest of the world experienced less storms and hurricanes because of the El Nino phenomenon. Unfortunately, after El Nino comes La Nina and a 97% chance of a hurricane making landfall this year as El Nino comes to an end by March 2016.

Historically, storms increase after an El Nino. According to Dr. Philip Klotzback who works at the Colorado State University, “Over twice as many hurricanes impact the United States in La Nina years versus El Nino.”

This means it is time to prepare and there is sufficient time to get everything ready: family, house, property, supplies, and digital tools. Here are a few suggestions:

Hurricane Apps
There are a number of excellent hurricane apps available for downloading like Hurricane Tracker, The Weather Channel, Apply Weather, and NOAA Hi-Def Radar. Hurricane Tracker ($1.29 trial version) gives you global information on hurricanes but also lets you zoom in on your area alone. It also has historical data so you can study the patterns and history of hurricanes all the way back to 2006.

The Weather Channel is a free weather forecast app that also has a section on major weather issues of the day or week. Apply Weather ($3.99 full version) has a cool color coded theme for the daily weather and turns bloody red when the weather is going to be bad. It has weather alerts and weather forecasts. The NOAA Hi-Def Radar ($1.99) is one of the best radar apps available. It offers a 5 day weather forecast but is limited to national coverage.

Impact Windows and Doors
Also known as hurricane windows and doors, these are essential for hurricane-prone areas. By adding this extra layer of protection on the vulnerable spots of your house or property, you can keep everyone inside safe from flying debris, broken glass, tree branches, rain, and other elements.

However, it is important to trust only highly qualified professionals to handle the installation of your impact windows and doors. Look for certifications, state regulation compliance documents, inspection records, and years of experience. Trying to trim down the costs of impact windows and doors by selecting price over experience will bite back in the end. Instead of going down this route, negotiate for terms. Always remember that the safety of your family is the main reason why you need to get these types of windows and doors.

Be active with your local community
Start to be an active member of your community. Get to know the Red Cross office, public safety enforcers, and other government and private organizations that are located in your area. Being informed is being one step ahead of disaster.

Preparing Supplies
Water, canned goods, rope, candles, matches, extra batteries, blankets are just a few of the items you should always have. If you know anyone who is a prepper, talk to him and get a quick orientation of what you should include in your supplies station at home and in the workplace. It may seem over the top but you will get the general idea on how to survive during the first few hours after the power goes out.

It is important to be aware and prepare for storms. Too many people have been traumatized by natural calamities that could have been avoided. And even if the storms don’t come to your area, they will come and affect others so your supplies could be used to help them survive the ordeal of being hit by a hurricane.