31 Aug 2017

Family of four playing monopoly in the living room

Based on last quarter 2016 figures, homes in the United States are targeted by burglars every 18 seconds daily. And these burglars are successful in gaining unlawful entry into American homes. According to an FBI crime report, one house out of every 36 houses in the country are burglarized with an average loss of slightly over $2,200. Unfortunately, Miami, Florida was ranked number 10 among all cities with the highest property crimes with a reported 4,390 cases.

Let’s understand the mindset of a typical burglar. He (or she) would want to enter the home as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. They always try the front door first. Surprisingly, about 34% of homeowners leave their front door unlocked regardless of whether there is a person inside or not. Burglars often don’t care if there is someone in the house. They are cocky enough to think they can overpower that person through threats and by waving a weapon – and they are often right.

If the front door is locked, they will try the windows. Many have no qualms about breaking the glass. But, what if the glass was hurricane impact windows from East Coast Windows? These windows will not shatter like typical glass windows because of a protective layer designed to deter debris, heavy wind, and rain. Instead the glass will splinter but stay intact. The only way for burglars to break through hurricane impact windows is the use a gun or repeated heavy blows which they won’t want to do because it would alert anyone inside and neighbors. Studies show that one loud noise will not cause a neighbor or resident to investigate but repeated loud noises will!

After spending time trying to break in unsuccessfully, a burglar may just give up and look elsewhere. According to crime experts, burglars want to get in and out of homes in seconds because it lowers the chances of getting caught. Furthermore, once they are inside, they go straight to the master bedroom where they believe the most valuables are kept.

Knowing these pieces of information, you can be proactive and protect your family and your valuables from thieves. Consider the East Coast hurricane windows. You may not experience strong storms in your area every year, but you are not exempt from the eyes of burglars, robbers, or thieves. And if you live in a hurricane-prone area – then these are two very valid reasons to upgrade your windows and protect everything and everyone inside your home!