24 Jun 2016

weather-protective-building“Necessity is the mother of invention.” is a familiar phrase, but when it comes to creating safe shelter from the wrath of Mother Nature we should change that saying to “Survival is the mother of invention.”

From ancient times people have found ways to protect themselves, their families, and their belongings from dangerous weather. Structures in China which were built 1500 years ago have survived earthquakes when more modern buildings were destroyed. Scientists discovered the mortar in those resistant centuries old buildings was made from sticky rice and slaked lime. The mixture is so strong that it makes demolition of whatever it holds together almost impossible. Even bulldozers fail to destroy what is held together with this type of mortar.

Let’s travel warp speed to the future. Some of the weather protection materials we find there might include a storm resistant room made with kevlar (of bulletproof vest fame) and mesh made of metal. There are architects designing even more unusual options such as subscrapers that are underground dwellings and water-scrapers which turn the ocean into real estate.

As we look back upon the weather protective building techniques of old and look forward to the types of housing alternatives our descendants might enjoy perhaps our real focus should be in the here and now. In South Florida building codes require and the safety of our families and belongings demand hurricane resistant windows. The building codes changed in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992; the invention of the products to meet the requirements of those codes was in response to the need for survival of the citizens of South Florida and their homes.

Andrew cost $25 billion dollars worth of damages. In South Florida nearly 250,000 people were left homeless. A total of 65 people lost their lives. Approximately 600,000 businesses and homes were destroyed or seriously damaged by the storm.

The hurricane resistant windows and doors that were designed and manufactured to meet the building codes save lives and money. East Coast Windows is proud to offer a variety of options for your remodeling or new construction needs. We are proud to have a team of knowledgeable and experienced managers, installers, engineers and permitting experts ready to provide the excellent service our customers deserve.

The need for survival led to the invention of some wonderful storm resistant products, but they don’t do any good unless they are used. Let East Coast Windows help you find the products that will help you and your family stay safe in the storm.