27 Aug 2016


Sites and Apps to Keep You Informed About Hurricanes and Storms in Your Area.

When there is a threat of a tropical storm or hurricane, it is best to stay on top of the situation so that you can prepare your family and your home for the storm’s impact. Below you will find a list of sites and apps that will be helpful in remaining abreast of the latest weather conditions in your area:

The National Hurricane Center is located on the campus of Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Its mission is to save lives, minimize property loss and improve economic efficiency by issuing better watches and warnings for tropical storms and hurricanes. On this site, the user can click on their state geographically, and it will report if there is a threat of a storm within 48 hours.

The Weather Channel is another great site that is up to date with the latest on tropical storms and hurricanes. Users can simply search for information using the name of their city or zip code.

Hurricane City has a countdown clock that is activated once advisories are issued from The National Hurricane Center. Users can watch a live broadcast of Hurricane TV when there is a threat of a hurricane or other major weather disaster.

Central Florida Hurricane Center offers a list of current advisories that have been issued for the State of Florida. There are also satellite images showing where the storms are moving and what path they are traveling.

Intellicast has local, national, and global weather reports. There is even a storm center that is used to track severe weather. Users can enter their zip code or city to get a more detailed forecast in their area.

The National Weather Service is another great resource for up-to-date weather alerts and forecasts. Users can see what is happening all over the country or they can input the city, state or zip code of their area and get a more in-depth forecast.

Hurricane Tracker is an app that is available for iOS users. The app has detailed storm maps, real-time feeds and push alerts, threat level maps, audio/video updates and National Hurricane Center information.

Hurricane Hound is an app for Android users. It uses Google Maps and track forecasts and the location of hurricanes in the Atlantic and East Pacific. It even points out areas that the National Weather Service is watching for potential storm development.

Hurricane Software is an app for Android users. It includes data from the National Hurricane Center, along with detailed satellite images, high resolution maps, storm tracking and warning information.

iHurricane HD is an app for iOS users. Users can track hurricanes using radar and satellite date. Users are also able to get email alerts and gauge distance between them and the storm using coordinates.

Hurricane — American Red Cross is available for both Android and iOS users. Users can monitor conditions in their area or throughout the storm track. Users can also find help and let others know they are okay.