30 Sep 2016

You’ve signed the closing papers, your furniture is all moved in, and you’re ready to start making your new house into a comfortable home. It’s easy to outfit your walls with decorations. Your furniture is already complementing your carpeting. And your kitchen color scheme is complete.

But adding a sense of charm to your windows (and interior doors) can be overlooked. At the very least, it can be a bit complicated.

Let’s take a few moments to outline a reasonable plan for adding decorations to the windows to your home’s soul.

  1. Why do you want window treatments? Just like you carefully considered the function of your windows, you need to decide the purpose for your window treatments. Do you just want some decoration? Privacy from the neighbors? Light blocking for your baby’s room? Different parts of the home may have differing needs, so plan accordingly.
  1. Do you have a color scheme? If your home is already color coordinated, you may need to take some time to decide how your curtains and drapes will complement everything else.
  1. What’s the best fit? Some parts of the home may need floor length drapes, while areas like the kitchen are usually better served with shorter curtains. Have you planned each window’s needs?
  1. Do they measure up? Now you’re getting to the fun part. Get your tape measure and notepad ready. Windows throughout a home have different lengths and widths, both of which are vital data points when you buy the final products. Some windows may need two curtains that meet in the middle. Others may need just one valance across the top. Perhaps you want vertical or horizontal blinds. Take all of this into account when measuring and placing your order.
  1. How will they hang? Curtain rods, poles, and tension rods – oh my! There are definitely a lot of choices. Which ones are easiest for your family members to adjust? Which ones look better in your home? For ideas, check out sites like Pinterest or even ask a sales consultant at the store.
  1. Who’s going to do the work? Finally, you’ve got everything figured out. But are you going to install your new décor on your own, or hire an installation expert? The number of windows, the number of treatment styles, your time, and your budget are all huge factors to consider.

While it may be complex in the beginning, stepping back and planning will leave you more time to enjoy your window coverings for years to come. Are you ready to get started?