Impact Windows Work

Living in Florida, hurricanes are an expected and accepted part of life. Having experienced the aftermath of a hurricane first hand, you probably already realize the importance of taking precautions against the storm’s damage. While boarding up your house each time there’s news of any impending storm may be an option, it’s not practical and takes up too much time and effort, especially when the storm predictions are off and the storm misses you completely.

What are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are windows that have been specifically designed to withstand high winds and debris. These impact-resistant windows combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process that keeps the glass from breaking away from it’s frame. Impact-resistant glass is created by bonding two panes of glass together with a special inner layer of clear polyvinyl butyral.

The laminated glass is made by applying a shatter resistant film to the glass. This shatter resistant film seals the glass inside so that even if a window is struck by flying debris or is subject to extreme atmospheric changes, the glass will stay contained in one place.

Although flying debris or an attempted intruder may break the glass on initial impact, the inner layer keeps the overall window intact which prevents destructive wind, debris and intruders from entering your home. Replacing your traditional windows with impact-resistant windows will protect your home in a way that traditional windows simply cannot.

Impact windows are designed specifically to take impact and form a sort of “spider” pattern in the glass instead of shattering, preventing shards of glass from flying into your home. This makes sure that the inside of your home is safe from debris, glass and even would-be intruders.

What are the benefits of impact windows?

Aside from resisting high pressure winds and flying debris, there are additional benefits to installing impact-resistant windows onto your home.

Unbreakable: The shatterproof glass keeps intruders from being able to break into your home easily. It also keeps flying debris from compromising your home’s stability in a storm.

Sound-Proof: The heavy-duty design of impact windows helps them to insulate your home from outside noises. Even in high traffic areas and near airports, impact windows greatly reduce the sounds that can be heard within the home.  

Energy Saving: Combining the heavy-duty frame, tight seals and the insulated glass creates energy friendly windows that seal the outside temperatures out. This makes cooling your home more efficient and saves you money by lowering your energy consumption.

UV Protection: Florida is in the prime location for severe UV damage. Sun protection impact windows can block up to 99% of damaging UV radiation.

Insurance Discounts: Many insurance companies offer special discounts on insurance premiums due to the known merits of impact windows and their ability to protect the home during storms and home invasions.

Added Home Value: Installing impact windows on your home can not only add more appeal to your home’s appearance, it can also add financial value to your home for the reasons listed above.

Can Impact Windows Replace Hurricane Shutters?

Yes, impact windows protect your home from wind and flying debris so there is no need for hurricane shutters once your impact windows and doors are installed. The glass may crack on direct contact but the inner layer of the window keeps the overall window or door intact, preventing further damage and preventing intruders that may attempt to enter your residence.

Who Should Consider Installing Impact Windows?

Impact-resistant windows can benefit anyone, due to their added level of security and home insulation. People living in areas affected by high winds and hurricanes will find that installing impact windows and doors can offer them peace of mind, and protect their home and loved ones throughout a storm. Investing in impact windows and doors for your home is a smart move, wherever you are.

Installing impact windows and doors that are hurricane-safe and with a high DP rating protects your home, belongings and loved ones from the flying debris and heavy winds of the storm. Have peace of mind with East Coast Windows! Call us today at (954) 946-3697 to receive more information about our impact doors, windows, and services, or get a free quote by filling out our online form!

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