Hurricane Impact Windows and Their Vital Role in South Florida  

Hurricane Impact Windows and Their Vital Role in South Florida

South Florida, a tropical haven, offers stunning coastal views but also poses a perpetual risk of hurricanes. The area is well-acquainted with the destructive effects of these intense storms, hence hurricane readiness is paramount for both homeowners and businesses. A key element in safeguarding homes from these violent weather events is the installation of hurricane storm windows. In this article, we will explore the concept of hurricane impact windows and their vital role in South Florida, their design to resist natural forces, and different examples that can help protect your home during the upcoming  hurricane season.

Understanding Hurricane Impact Windows:  

Hurricane storm windows, also known as impact windows or hurricane-resistant windows, are specialized windows designed to endure the destructive forces associated with hurricanes and severe storms. These windows act as a protective barrier against strong winds, flying debris, and torrential rains, offering a robust defense to safeguard homes and occupants during a storm.

Construction and Materials:  

The construction of hurricane storm windows involves a combination of advanced materials and engineering techniques to enhance their strength and durability. Key components of these windows include laminated glass, impact-resistant frames, and reinforced hardware.

  1. Laminated Glass:The primary defense mechanism of hurricane storm windows lies in the use of laminated glass. Unlike traditional windows that shatter upon impact, laminated glass is composed of multiple layers of glass bonded together with a durable interlayer, typically made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This construction prevents the glass from breaking into sharp, dangerous shards, even when subjected to high-velocity impacts.

  1. Additionally, if the glass does crack, the interlayer holds the broken pieces together, maintaining the structural integrity of the window and preventing the entry of wind and rain. This crucial feature is especially valuable in preventing post-storm water damage.

  1. Impact-Resistant Frames: The frames of hurricane storm windows are crafted from sturdy materials such as aluminum, steel, or vinyl, reinforced to withstand the immense pressure and impact associated with hurricanes. The frame acts as a support structure for the entire window system, ensuring that it remains intact and securely in place during a storm.

  1. For casement windows, which are hinged at the sides and open outward, the frame must be robust enough to withstand the lateral forces exerted by high winds. Single and double-hung windows, on the other hand, require frames that can endure both lateral and vertical pressures, as these windows open by sliding vertically.

  1. Reinforced Hardware: The hardware components, including locks, hinges, and handles, are reinforced to enhance the overall strength of hurricane storm windows. Secure hardware ensures that the windows remain tightly sealed, preventing any breach that could compromise the structural integrity of the home.

 Casement Windows and Hurricane Resistance:  

Casement windows are popular in South Florida due to their sleek design and ability to provide excellent ventilation. These windows are hinged at the sides and swing outward, allowing for maximum airflow. However, the hinged design makes casement windows vulnerable to lateral forces during a hurricane.

To fortify casement windows against such forces, manufacturers design impact-resistant casement windows with reinforced frames and laminated glass. The reinforced frames are engineered to withstand the pressure exerted by strong winds, while the laminated glass offers protection against flying debris.

Single and Double-Hung Windows in the Storm:  

Single and double-hung windows, which slide vertically to open, present a different set of challenges in hurricane-prone regions. These windows must endure both lateral and vertical forces during a storm, requiring robust frames and secure locking mechanisms.

Manufacturers address these challenges by incorporating impact-resistant materials and laminated glass into the construction of single and double-hung hurricane storm windows. The result is a formidable defense against the forces of nature, providing homeowners with peace of mind in the face of impending storms.

Benefits of Hurricane Storm Windows:  

  1. Year-Round Protection: Hurricane storm windows offer continuous protection against not only hurricanes but also other potential threats, such as break-ins, UV rays, and noise pollution. This makes them a valuable investment for homeowners seeking comprehensive security and comfort.

  1. Energy Efficiency: The high-quality materials used in hurricane storm windows contribute to increased energy efficiency. The windows provide a tight seal, preventing air leakage and reducing the workload on heating and cooling systems. This leads to lower energy bills and a more environmentally friendly home.

  1. Insurance Premium Reductions: Installing hurricane storm windows can often lead to reductions in homeowner’s insurance premiums. Insurance providers recognize the added protection and reduced risk of damage associated with these windows, making homeowners eligible for potential discounts.

  1. Noise Reduction: Laminated glass, a key component of hurricane storm windows, also serves as an effective noise barrier. This feature is particularly beneficial in urban areas or near busy roads, where reducing external noise can significantly improve the quality of life within the home.

  1. UV Protection: The laminated glass in hurricane storm windows provides UV protection, safeguarding your interior furnishings and belongings from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. This helps preserve the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your home’s interior.

 In the face of South Florida’s unpredictable weather patterns, the installation of hurricane storm windows emerges as a non-negotiable aspect of home fortification. These windows, with their advanced construction and materials, act as a shield against the destructive forces of hurricanes, providing homeowners with unparalleled peace of mind.

Whether you opt for impact-resistant casement windows or reinforced single and double-hung windows, the investment in hurricane storm windows pays off in terms of year-round protection, energy efficiency, and increased property value. As the frequency and intensity of hurricanes continue to rise, the decision to fortify your home with these resilient windows becomes not only a practical choice but a necessary one for the safety and well-being of your family and property.

If you’re ready to take the next step and fortify your home against the destructive forces of hurricanes, we invite you to contact East Coast Windows & Doors today. Our team of experts specialize in providing custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Reach out to us for a personalized quote, and let us help you enhance the safety, security, and value of your home. Don’t wait – protect what matters most with East Coast Windows & Doors.

The Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning Windows

The Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits of Awning Windows  

In the realm of home design and functionality, awning windows stand out as unsung heroes. These adaptable windows not just introduce an air of sophistication to your living area but also bring along a range of practical advantages. Within this in-depth exploration, we will navigate through the benefits of Awning Windows, examining their aesthetic charm, energy efficiency, ventilation capabilities, and beyond. By the end, you’ll understand why awning windows are more than just a stylish addition – they are a game-changer for your home.

Aesthetic Appeal: Enhancing Your Home’s Character  

Awning windows are the epitome of elegance, offering a modern and sleek aesthetic that complements various architectural styles. Their unique design, hinged at the top and opening outward from the bottom, adds a touch of sophistication to any room. The versatility of awning windows allows homeowners to choose from a range of materials, colors, and finishes, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing decor. Whether your home boasts a contemporary or traditional design, awning windows effortlessly enhance its character. Let’s continue to explore the many benefits of Awning Windows!

Ventilation Mastery: Welcoming Fresh Air  

 One of the standout features of awning windows is their excellent ventilation capabilities. The design allows for optimal airflow even during light rain, as the outward-opening configuration prevents water from entering. This feature is particularly beneficial in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, where maintaining fresh air circulation is crucial. Awning windows provide a practical solution, allowing you to enjoy a constant flow of fresh air without compromising on comfort or security.

Energy Efficiency: Keeping Comfort In and Costs Down  

In an era where energy efficiency is paramount, awning windows shine as eco-friendly champions. These windows create a tight seal when closed, minimizing drafts and preventing heat or cool air from escaping. This efficient insulation not only enhances the comfort of your home year-round but also contributes to significant energy savings. By reducing the reliance on heating and cooling systems, awning windows prove to be an environmentally conscious choice that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

Versatility in Design and Placement  

Awning windows offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of design and placement. Their compact size and unique opening mechanism make them suitable for various spaces, including those where traditional sliding or double-hung windows may not be practical. Awning windows are perfect for tight spots, such as above countertops or in basements, where they provide an unobtrusive yet functional solution. The ability to strategically place awning windows enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Privacy without Sacrificing Natural Light  

Privacy is a top priority for many homeowners, and awning windows provide an elegant solution. Placed higher on the wall, these windows allow for abundant natural light to flood the room while maintaining a level of privacy. This balance is especially valuable in urban settings or homes situated close to neighbors. Enjoy the warmth of sunlight without compromising on the solitude of your personal space.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance for Awning Windows 

Awning windows are designed for effortless operation, typically featuring a crank mechanism that allows for easy opening and closing. The simplicity of their design extends to maintenance, as these windows are easy to clean and care for. Their outward-opening configuration also makes them less prone to collecting dust and debris, resulting in a window that maintains its clarity and functionality with minimal effort.

Awning windows are more than just a stylish addition to your home – they are a practical investment in comfort, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. From their elegant design and ventilation prowess to their versatility and ease of maintenance, awning windows offer a myriad of benefits that cater to the modern homeowner’s needs. As you consider window options for your home, let the charm and functionality of awning windows inspire your choice, transforming your living space into a haven of sophistication and comfort.

 Contact us today to explore your options and discover how our expert team can meet all your window replacement needs. Together, let’s make your home a beacon of efficiency, style, and comfort!


Fortifying Your Home: Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

Living in areas prone to hurricanes requires homeowners to take proactive measures to protect their properties. One crucial aspect of hurricane preparedness is investing in hurricane impact windows & doors. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about these robust additions to your home.

Understanding Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

What are Impact Windows & Doors?

Hurricane impact windows and doors are specially designed to withstand the powerful forces of hurricanes and tropical storms. Unlike traditional windows & doors, which can shatter upon impact, these structures are built with multiple layers of glass and a durable interlayer to absorb and disperse impact energy.

How Do Impact Windows or Impact Doors Work?

The secret behind the effectiveness of hurricane impact windows and doors lies in their construction. They typically consist of two layers of tempered glass bonded with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This PVB interlayer acts as a barrier, preventing the glass from breaking into sharp, dangerous shards. Even if the outer layer breaks, the interlayer holds the glass together, maintaining the structural integrity of the window or door.

Benefits of Impact Doors and Windows

Investing in hurricane impact windows & doors offers a range of benefits for your home. Not only do they provide enhanced safety, security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction, but they can also increase your home’s value. These windows & doors not only protect your property but also enhance its curb appeal and marketability.

Enhanced Safety

The primary advantage of these windows and doors is the increased safety they provide. In the event of a hurricane, they minimize the risk of injuries caused by flying debris and broken glass.

Security Against Intruders

Hurricane impact windows and doors are not only designed to withstand storms but also offer added security against potential intruders. Their reinforced construction makes it difficult for burglars to break in, providing year-round protection for your home.

Energy Efficiency

These windows & doors also contribute to improved energy efficiency. The multiple layers of glass and interlayer act as insulation, reducing heat transfer and helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This can result in lower energy bills over time.

Noise Reduction

The thickness and composition of hurricane impact windows & doors make them effective at reducing outside noise. If you live in a busy neighborhood or near a main road, these windows can significantly improve your home’s acoustic comfort.

Choosing the Right Windows & Doors for Your Home

As you consider the options for hurricane impact windows and doors, remember that customization plays a crucial role. Along with the material, installation, and cost considerations, think about the style and finish that best complement your home’s aesthetics. The right choice will not only provide protection but also add a touch of elegance to your property.

Material Matters

Impact windows & doors are available in various materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Each material has its own set of advantages and considerations, so it’s crucial to choose one that suits your aesthetic preferences, budget, and maintenance requirements.

Installation Expertise

Proper installation is key to the effectiveness of hurricane impact windows and doors. Ensure that you hire experienced professionals who follow manufacturer guidelines and local building codes. Improper installation can compromise the performance of these specialized windows & doors.

Cost Considerations

While the initial cost of hurricane impact windows & doors may be higher than traditional alternatives, the long-term benefits often outweigh the investment. Factor in potential energy savings, increased home value, and insurance discounts when considering the overall cost.

Maintenance Tips for Impact Windows & Impact Doors

To ensure the longevity of your hurricane impact windows & doors, regular maintenance is essential. In addition to cleaning and inspection, remember to lubricate hinges, locks, and tracks with a silicone-based lubricant. This small step can make a significant difference in the long-term functionality of your windows and doors.

Regular Cleaning

Keep your windows & doors clean by regularly washing them with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid abrasive cleaners or materials that could scratch the glass or damage the protective interlayer.


Periodically inspect your windows & doors for any signs of damage or wear. If you notice cracks, chips, or other issues, contact a professional for repairs promptly.

Weather Stripping Maintenance

Ensure that the weather stripping around your windows & doors is in good condition. This helps maintain a tight seal, preventing water intrusion and maintaining energy efficiency.

East Coast Windows & Doors Protects Your Home During Hurricanes

Investing in hurricane impact windows & doors is a wise decision for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. The enhanced safety, security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction benefits make them a valuable addition to any home. By understanding their construction, benefits, and proper maintenance, you can fortify your home against the destructive forces of hurricanes and enjoy peace of mind during storm seasons.

If you’re ready to take the next step and fortify your home against the destructive forces of hurricanes, we invite you to contact East Coast Windows & Doors today. Our team of experts specialize in providing custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Reach out to us for a personalized quote, and let us help you enhance the safety, security, and value of your home. Don’t wait – protect what matters most with East Coast Windows & Doors.

Window Styles Explained: The Pros & Cons

Free Window Quote - Windows Explained

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, it’s essential to consider both aesthetics and functionality. Windows play a crucial role in enhancing the overall look of your house while also impacting energy efficiency and ventilation. In this article, we’ll explore different window styles, their pros, and cons, making it easier for you to make an informed decision for your home. At East Coast Windows, we understand the importance of finding the perfect windows to suit your needs, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Window Styles: Pros & Cons

A sample single hung window from East Coast Coast Windows and Doors Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are similar to double-hung windows, but only the bottom sash is operable, meaning it can be raised for ventilation.

Common Uses: Single hung windows are commonly used in traditional and classic home styles. They are suitable for rooms where you want to maintain a classic appearance.


  • Cost-effective compared to double-hung or casement windows.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Energy-efficient when properly sealed.


  • Limited ventilation compared to double-hung or casement windows.
  • Cleaning the exterior of the top sash can be challenging.

A sample double hung window from East Coast Coast Custom Windows and Doors Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows feature two vertically sliding sashes. They are versatile and fit well in most architectural styles.

Common Uses: A double-hung window is a timeless choice suitable for various architectural styles, including colonial, Victorian, and traditional homes. It provides a classic and ornate look while offering modern functionality.


  • Excellent ventilation control.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Timeless, classic appearance.


  • Limited unobstructed view when fully opened.
  • May require more maintenance in the long run.

A sample casement window from East Coast Coast Windows and Doors Casement Windows

Casement windows have a single sash that opens outward like a door, offering unobstructed views and great ventilation.

Common Uses: Casement windows are ideal for contemporary and modern homes. They provide unobstructed views and excellent ventilation, making them perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.


  • Maximum ventilation and airflow.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, especially in modern homes.
  • Excellent energy efficiency when closed.


  • Crank mechanisms may require maintenance.
  • Not ideal for all architectural styles.

A sample awning window from East Coast Coast Windows and Doors Awning Windows

Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward from the bottom. They are great for letting in fresh air even during rain.

Common Uses: Awning windows are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where privacy and airflow are essential. They are perfect for allowing ventilation without compromising on privacy.


  • Excellent for ventilation in wet weather.
  • Ideal for adding height and dimension.
  • Enhanced security due to the hinge placement.


  • Limited unobstructed view.
  • Less common in traditional homes.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, fixed windows that offer unobstructed views and are often used as a centerpiece.

Common Uses: Picture windows are typically used in living rooms and areas with breathtaking views. They serve as a focal point, framing picturesque landscapes or urban skylines.


  • Maximum natural light and views.
  • Excellent energy efficiency.
  • Minimal maintenance required.


  • Non-operable, so no ventilation.
  • Not suitable for all room types.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows create a curved projection from the home’s exterior, providing more space and aesthetic appeal.

Common Uses: Bow windows are often used in living rooms, bedrooms, or dining areas where homeowners want to create a cozy alcove or enjoy panoramic views. They add elegance and depth to the room.


  • Greater interior space and design versatility.
  • Allow plenty of natural light.
  • Aesthetically pleasing in both traditional and modern homes.


  • Higher installation costs.
  • Potential for higher maintenance.

Garden Windows

Garden windows project outward from the home and often feature glass shelves for plants or decor.

Common Uses: Garden windows are commonly used in kitchens where they provide space for growing herbs and small plants. They add charm and functionality to cooking spaces.


  • Perfect for displaying plants or herbs.
  • Added natural light and ventilation.
  • Unique and charming design.


  • Limited view due to smaller size.
  • May require additional maintenance.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are installed in the roof to provide natural light to otherwise dark spaces.

Common Uses: Skylight windows are commonly used in attics, bathrooms, and hallways where additional natural light is needed. They brighten up spaces that may not have access to exterior walls.


  • Maximum natural light in attic spaces.
  • Unique architectural feature.
  • Saves energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting.


  • Complex installation, potentially leading to leaks.
  • Less privacy and potential for heat gain.

Geometric Windows

Geometric windows come in various shapes, adding character and uniqueness to a home’s design.

Common Uses: Geometric windows are often used as accent windows in bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where architectural interest is desired. They become eye-catching focal points.


  • Architectural focal points.
  • Customizable to fit your style.
  • Enhance curb appeal and interior aesthetics.


  • Non-operable and provide no ventilation.
  • Installation can be more challenging and expensive.

A sample Horizontal Roller 2 Lite window from East Coast Coast Custom Windows and Doors Slider Windows (Horizontal Roller 2 Lite Windows)

Horizontal roller 2 lite windows consist of two horizontal sashes that slide horizontally along a track. They are known for their contemporary appearance.

Common Uses: These windows are often used in modern and minimalist architectural styles. They are great for rooms where you want unobstructed views and easy ventilation.


  • Provides excellent ventilation and expansive views.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Impact-resistant options available for added security and storm protection.


  • The track may require occasional maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

A sample Horizontal Roller 3 Lite window from East Coast CoastWindows and Doors Slider Windows (Horizontal Roller 3 Lite Windows)

Horizontal roller 3 lite windows are similar to the 2 lite version but feature three horizontal sashes that slide horizontally along a track.

Common Uses: These windows are ideal for larger openings and areas where maximum ventilation and natural light are desired. They are commonly used in contemporary homes.


  • Offers superior ventilation and ample natural light.
  • Impact-resistant options enhance security and storm protection.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.


  • Like the 2 lite version, the track may require occasional maintenance.

The choice of windows for your home is a significant decision that impacts both aesthetics and functionality.

Each window style has its unique advantages and drawbacks, and finding the perfect fit depends on your specific needs and the architectural style of your home.

At East Coast Windows, we understand the importance of selecting the right windows to enhance your home’s beauty, energy efficiency, and comfort. Our expert team is here to guide you through the selection process, offering tailored solutions that align with your preferences and requirements.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic charm of double hung windows, the modern appeal of casement windows, or any other style mentioned in this article, we have the expertise to help you make an informed choice.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a personalized consultation. We’re committed to providing top-notch service and high-quality windows that will transform your home. Make the right choice today with East Coast Windows, your trusted partner in window solutions.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and explore the perfect window options for your home. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priorities.

Benefits of Hurricane Windows: Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Hurricanes are a natural force to be reckoned with, causing devastation and destruction to homes and properties in their path. In regions prone to these tropical storms, investing in hurricane windows is a crucial step towards safeguarding your home and loved ones. In this comprehensive blog, we will cover everything you need to know about hurricane windows, including their benefits, types, materials, installation, and maintenance.

Understanding Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows, also known as impact-resistant windows, are specifically designed to withstand the powerful forces of hurricanes and other severe weather events. These windows employ a combination of laminated glass and sturdy frames to protect against flying debris and high wind pressures. When installed correctly, they create a robust barrier that minimizes the risk of breakage during extreme weather events.

The Benefits of Hurricane Windows

The primary benefits of hurricane windows extend beyond their ability to withstand storm damage:

Enhanced Security:
Hurricane windows offer increased security against break-ins and burglaries due to their impact-resistant properties.

Noise Reduction:
These windows also act as excellent sound insulators, reducing external noise infiltration for a quieter living environment.

UV Protection:
Many hurricane windows come with an added layer of UV protection, blocking harmful rays from entering your home and preserving furniture and interior finishes.

Energy Efficiency:
The same features that make these windows strong also make them energy-efficient, as they provide better insulation, leading to reduced heating and cooling costs.

Types of Hurricane Windows

There are primarily two types of hurricane windows available on the market:

Laminated Glass Windows:
These windows consist of two or more glass layers sandwiched together with a durable interlayer, often made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). When shattered, the glass fragments adhere to the interlayer, preventing dangerous shards from scattering.

Insulated Laminated Glass Windows:
These windows combine the benefits of laminated glass with the added advantage of improved energy efficiency. They feature multiple layers of glass and an insulating layer, offering superior thermal performance.

Materials Used in Hurricane Windows

The materials used in hurricane windows play a significant role in their overall strength and durability:

Impact-Resistant Glass:
Tempered glass, which is heat-treated to enhance strength, is commonly used for impact resistance. When broken, it shatters into small, safe fragments.

Reinforced Frames:
Frames are typically made from durable materials such as aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass, ensuring stability and resistance to corrosion.

Interlayer Material:
As mentioned earlier, the interlayer material, usually PVB, is critical for holding the glass layers together and preventing shattering during impact.

Installation and Proper Sealing

Proper installation is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of hurricane windows. It is recommended to hire professional installers experienced in working with impact-resistant windows. The windows should be securely anchored to the home’s structure, and all gaps must be sealed to prevent water infiltration during heavy rainfall. Improper installation can compromise the window’s performance during a storm.

Building Codes and Insurance Discounts

In hurricane-prone regions, local building codes often mandate the use of hurricane-resistant windows in new constructions or renovations. Moreover, homeowners with hurricane windows may be eligible for insurance discounts due to the reduced risk of damage during storms. It is essential to check with your insurance provider for potential cost-saving opportunities.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance ensures that your hurricane windows remain effective and functional throughout their lifespan:

Regular Cleaning:
Clean the windows regularly using mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Avoid abrasive cleaners or tools that might scratch the glass or frames.

Check for Damage:
Inspect the windows for any signs of damage, such as cracks, chips, or compromised seals. Promptly address any issues to maintain their structural integrity.

If your windows have moving parts, such as sliders or hinges, lubricate them as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure smooth operation.

Hurricane windows offer an essential layer of protection for homes in hurricane-prone areas. Their impact resistance, enhanced security features, energy efficiency, and other benefits make them a worthwhile investment. By understanding the types, materials, installation, and maintenance of these windows, homeowners can make informed decisions to safeguard their homes and loved ones against the destructive forces of nature. Remember to comply with local building codes and consult with professionals for proper installation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your hurricane windows. Safeguard your home with the benefits of hurricane windows today.

Discover the Ultimate Protection with Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors!

Don’t wait for the next storm to strike – fortify your home with the security and insulation offered by impact-resistant windows and doors. Whether you live in a hurricane-prone area or simply seek an added layer of peace of mind, investing in impact windows and doors is a smart move for anyone.

With hurricane-safe features and a high DP rating, our impact windows and doors act as a formidable shield against flying debris and powerful winds during a storm. Your home, belongings, and loved ones will be safeguarded, allowing you to weather any tempest with confidence.

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Preventing Theft This Holiday Season

Holiday Theft Prevention

The holiday season centers around excellent food, good spirits, and, of course, gifts. The rush and bustle, on the other hand, may distract us from the possible hazards that may surround us this time of year. Holiday thefts and break-ins often increase during this season because burglars are aware that many families vacation during the holidays, potentially leaving their houses unattended or packed with expensive gifts.

Consider the following measures to secure your possessions & home from holiday theft this season:

Keep the Lights On

Many individuals look forward to visiting relatives or taking a trip during the holidays, but criminals may be looking forward to your trip as well. Unoccupied homes can be tempting targets for burglars, but concealing indicators of vacancy can trick robbers into thinking you’re still at home. According to experts, leaving lights on, asking a neighbor to fetch your mail, and placing automated timers on holiday lights and decorations might give the appearance of being home. Before you depart, you should also do a home security check and consider making any necessary modifications to help prevent the occurrence of theft.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Shopping is often associated with the holidays, which is why theft increases during the holiday season. It can be tempting to leave luggage and packages in the back seat of your automobile as you move from store to store-and in plain sight of potential thieves. Keep your holiday purchases hidden or in the trunk, park in well-lit places, and lock your doors to help protect yourself and prevent holiday theft this season.

Never leave goods packaging on the curb for the trash collector to pick up. Leaving your new TV’s box outside for everyone to see sends a message to burglars, letting them know exactly what’s inside your home for stealing. When you receive your products and remove the contents, take a few moments to break down the shipping boxes into smaller pieces so they can be thrown in a more discreet manner.

Secure Your Windows & Doors

If you’ve been researching impact windows and doors, you’ve probably read about how they can protect your home from natural disasters like hurricanes. But did you know that impact windows and doors can also defend your home from intruders and theft?

Numerous studies on the behavior of burglars and intruders have been undertaken over the years in order to obtain more information on some of the largest deterrents for breaking into homes, as well as some of the most prevalent ways thieves found entrance into these homes. Gathering and learning from this information about previous thefts is critical for leading security firms as well as leading window and door providers to assist you in better safeguarding for your house and goods.

The most typical technique for burglars to gain entrance to your home, second only to coming in through an unlocked front door, is by smashing the glass of a first-floor window, reaching in, unlocking the window, pulling it open, and climbing inside. So, aside from making sure all of your doors are secure, the greatest thing you can do to avoid becoming a victim of a house burglary is to make sure your windows are secure.  Instead of shattering like regular glass does, hurricane impact windows and doors will splinter, but not break.

Protect Your Delivered Holiday Packages

There will likely be more online shopping this holiday season than any previous holiday season, which means lots of packages will be being delivered to homes between now and the holidays, opening the door to potential holiday theft. There are some ways that you can better protect your deliveries from holiday theft this year.

Signed-for services give an added layer of security to shipments. In addition, package receiving services can protect your gifts from theft by receiving house deliveries and storing them until you are ready to pick them up. These package receiving services also protect items from weather damage, which is especially crucial during the wet and cold winter months. In general, a PO Box has more convenient hours for you to pick up your property. However, before purchasing or using one, check with your shipping company or the company you are placing an order with, as some won’t deliver to a PO box and would instead require a physical address.

If you are unable to locate a package acceptance service that is convenient or close enough to you, your best choice may be to ask a friend to receive your holiday packages on your behalf. This can be the most convenient way to get packages if you know a person who works remotely from home or has a more flexible schedule to handle house deliveries. If all else fails, see whether the packages can be delivered to your job. If you spend the day at work, this might be a really simple alternative that saves you from having to make a special trip and protect you from theft. Of course, this is dependent on the employer, as not every company allows its employees to receive goods at the office due to space and safety considerations.

These burglary and holiday theft prevention tips will assist you in keeping your home and its belongings safe this holiday season and beyond. Remember, when it comes to social media, silence is golden! According to reports, four out of every five burglars utilized social media last year to determine when people were not at home to commit theft. So, keep this information a secret so you can enjoy opening your gifts and focusing on all the holiday enchantment this year.

With impact windows and doors from East Coast Windows, you can discourage holiday theft while also protecting your home and belongings. East Coast Windows & Doors (ECW) is a PGT® Custom Windows & Doors (PGT®) authorized dealer. PGT®, based in Florida, offers customizable items that reflect your individual style. PGT®, which was designed with a clear purpose in mind, protects your loved ones from flying debris during hurricanes as well as would-be holiday thieves. Give us a call at (954) 946-3697 or Click here to receive a free quote and learn more more about securing your house from holiday theft with impact windows and doors!

How Do Impact Windows Work?

Impact Windows Work

Living in Florida, hurricanes are an expected and accepted part of life. Having experienced the aftermath of a hurricane first hand, you probably already realize the importance of taking precautions against the storm’s damage. While boarding up your house each time there’s news of any impending storm may be an option, it’s not practical and takes up too much time and effort, especially when the storm predictions are off and the storm misses you completely.

What are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are windows that have been specifically designed to withstand high winds and debris. These impact-resistant windows combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process that keeps the glass from breaking away from it’s frame. Impact-resistant glass is created by bonding two panes of glass together with a special inner layer of clear polyvinyl butyral.

The laminated glass is made by applying a shatter resistant film to the glass. This shatter resistant film seals the glass inside so that even if a window is struck by flying debris or is subject to extreme atmospheric changes, the glass will stay contained in one place.

Although flying debris or an attempted intruder may break the glass on initial impact, the inner layer keeps the overall window intact which prevents destructive wind, debris and intruders from entering your home. Replacing your traditional windows with impact-resistant windows will protect your home in a way that traditional windows simply cannot.

Impact windows are designed specifically to take impact and form a sort of “spider” pattern in the glass instead of shattering, preventing shards of glass from flying into your home. This makes sure that the inside of your home is safe from debris, glass and even would-be intruders.

What are the benefits of impact windows?

Aside from resisting high pressure winds and flying debris, there are additional benefits to installing impact-resistant windows onto your home.

Unbreakable: The shatterproof glass keeps intruders from being able to break into your home easily. It also keeps flying debris from compromising your home’s stability in a storm.

Sound-Proof: The heavy-duty design of impact windows helps them to insulate your home from outside noises. Even in high traffic areas and near airports, impact windows greatly reduce the sounds that can be heard within the home.  

Energy Saving: Combining the heavy-duty frame, tight seals and the insulated glass creates energy friendly windows that seal the outside temperatures out. This makes cooling your home more efficient and saves you money by lowering your energy consumption.

UV Protection: Florida is in the prime location for severe UV damage. Sun protection impact windows can block up to 99% of damaging UV radiation.

Insurance Discounts: Many insurance companies offer special discounts on insurance premiums due to the known merits of impact windows and their ability to protect the home during storms and home invasions.

Added Home Value: Installing impact windows on your home can not only add more appeal to your home’s appearance, it can also add financial value to your home for the reasons listed above.

Can Impact Windows Replace Hurricane Shutters?

Yes, impact windows protect your home from wind and flying debris so there is no need for hurricane shutters once your impact windows and doors are installed. The glass may crack on direct contact but the inner layer of the window keeps the overall window or door intact, preventing further damage and preventing intruders that may attempt to enter your residence.

Who Should Consider Installing Impact Windows?

Impact-resistant windows can benefit anyone, due to their added level of security and home insulation. People living in areas affected by high winds and hurricanes will find that installing impact windows and doors can offer them peace of mind, and protect their home and loved ones throughout a storm. Investing in impact windows and doors for your home is a smart move, wherever you are.

Installing impact windows and doors that are hurricane-safe and with a high DP rating protects your home, belongings and loved ones from the flying debris and heavy winds of the storm. Have peace of mind with East Coast Windows! Call us today at (954) 946-3697 to receive more information about our impact doors, windows, and services, or get a free quote by filling out our online form!

Your Guide to Wind Speed and Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows - Guide to Windspeed

We are all familiar with the routine hurricane preparations we must go through every year during storm season. However, dangerous winds have the potential to occur at any point, making it even more important to have the correct impact windows and doors installed on your property. But when exactly should we be worried about wind speeds? At what point do standard windows fail us, and at what wind speed are hurricane impact windows essential? Here is a guide that can help clear up some of these important questions.

What Risks Do High Speed Winds Pose to Windows?   

Most window breakage during a storm is a result of debris hitting the glass due to high wind speeds, though it is possible for windows to break from extreme winds and high pressures, which can also cause walls or roofs to collapse. Since blown-over trees and signs quickly become projectiles in hurricane-force winds, installing hurricane impact windows is ultimately your only option if you want to be safe in the midst of a serious storm.

When windows are broken due to any one of these events, sharp and dangerous glass shards are then propelled throughout your residence, having the potential to seriously injure those inside. If a projectile was the reason for the breakage, this object could also fly through your window and injure a person (or pet) that it comes across. In addition, the newly exposed window opening is then an easy access point for rain, high speed winds and other projectiles to get inside. If those things do not damage you or your family members, they could certainly damage your residence. All-in-all, this is a situation that is scary, unsafe, and is best to be avoided at all costs.

How Strong Does Wind Have To Be To Break Windows?   

High wind speeds are possible even when we are not in the midst of a hurricane, so even if you are not in a major storm, there is still an element of risk when it comes to your windows and doors.

Hurricane wind speeds start at 74 mph, but here’s the damage that winds can do before and up to that point, according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory:

  • 19 mph: Small trees begin to sway
  • 25 mph: Umbrella use becomes difficult, whistling can be heard through wires and branches
  • 32 mph: Whole trees sway and walking into the wind becomes difficult
  • 39 mph: Branches can be broken from trees, cars can veer on the road
  • 47 mph: Light structural damage
  • 55 mph: Trees can be uprooted, considerable structural damage is possible
  • 64 mph and up: Widespread structural damage is possible

In the case of a hurricane, here is a breakdown of the different categories that the storm could be, and the wind speeds/estimated damage associated with each category:

Category 1: 74-95 mph

Winds at this speed will mostly cause damage to mobile homes and trees, but stronger homes may see minor damage to the roof or gutters. Trees with shallow roots may topple, and damage to power lines can cause power outages that last for days. A storm surge of 4-5 feet above normal can cause coastal road flooding.

Category 2: 96-110 mph

These winds are extremely dangerous, and homes may sustain roof, siding, window and door damage. Trees will sustain considerable damage and some will be uprooted, blocking roads. The storm surge is usually 6-8 feet above normal. Coastal and low-lying areas are evacuated.

Category 3: 111-129 mph

Mobile homes and poorly constructed buildings are destroyed. The storm surge is typically 9-12 feet higher than normal. Electricity and water may be unavailable for days to weeks after the storm passes. Major trees are snapped or uprooted, and homes may incur major damage.

Category 4: 130-156 mph

Catastrophic damage occurs; homes can suffer severe damage including the loss of the roof structure, windows, doors and/or some exterior walls. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months. The storm surge is generally 13-18 feet above normal levels. Land that is less than 10 feet above sea level may be flooded.

Category 5: 157 mph or higher

These storms destroy most homes, causing roof failure and wall collapse. The storm surge is usually more than 18 feet higher than normal. Fallen trees and power lines will isolate areas, with many shrubs, trees, and signs blown down. Lower levels of all structures sustain major damage and there are massive evacuations of residential areas. Power outages can last for weeks or months, and most of the area will be uninhabitable.

A 50 mph wind will apply 5 to 7 pounds of force per square foot, but this increases exponentially as winds get stronger. At 100 mph, that figure jumps from 20 to 28 pounds of pressure per square foot, and at 130 mph, 34 to 47 pounds per square foot of pressure are applied. To figure out how much wind your windows can be expected to withstand before they shatter, you will need to look for the design pressure rating (or DP) for your windows. This information can be found on window packaging, manufacturer product data sheets or by contacting the manufacturer directly.

A standard/basic residential window often has a design pressure of about 15 pounds per square feet. A window that can be expected to withstand up to 15 pounds of pressure translates into a window that can withstand wind speeds of about 77 mph. Since even a category 1 hurricane can easily bypass this wind speed, it is highly recommended that you install hurricane impact doors and windows with a much stronger DP rating in order to be the most prepared for whatever comes your way. Keep in mind, even if your glass is strong enough to withstand the literal wind speeds of the storm at hand, it takes extra protection to also fight against heavy pieces of debris that can often come your way.

Why Choose East Coast Hurricane Windows and Doors 

Whether flying debris hits your windows or doors during high speed winds is out of your control, but preparing ahead of time by making sure your windows and doors are strong is well within your control, and can make the difference between keeping your home and family safe or not. By installing impact windows and doors that are hurricane-safe and with a high DP rating, you are doing the very best for you, your property, and your loved ones.

Be on the safe side, with East Coast Windows! Call us today at (954) 946-3697 to get more information about our doors, windows, and services, or get a free quote by filling out our online form!

Qualities to Look for in Impact Windows and Doors in 2022

Qualities to Look for in Impact Windows and Doors in 2022

If you are looking to install or replace the windows in your home, we have a few helpful tips that will help you protect your home from intruders and natural hazards. Some people may focus solely on appearance. However, if you are looking for something to last longer, then you need to look beyond appearance. Using our 26 years of experience, we would like to share with you some qualities to look for when installing impact doors and windows.

1. Safety 

It’s one of the crucial qualities to look at before installing impact windows and doors. One of the primary reasons anyone installs windows and doors is to protect themselves, their family, and property not only from storms but also from robbery or any unwanted intrusion. A strong door and window should have the necessary security including the latest lock mechanism or tempered glass to resist breakage.

2. Quality Hardware 

Another thing to consider while choosing a new impact window or door is to look at the materials and hardware used to manufacture the door or window. A high-quality door should have top-notch steel or bronze or wood, door handles, glass panels, and handlers. Furthermore, well-built windows should also be made up of strong wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl. Don’t ever compromise on the quality of material when installing a new window or door. 

3. Hurricane Resistant

If you live in an area where hurricanes are common, it’s vital for you to install windows and doors that are hurricane resistant. Solid impact windows and doors should protect you and your family members from fast-moving hurricanes and flying debris. East Coast Windows specializes in installing hurricane-resistant windows and doors.

 4. Energy Efficient

When it comes to doors and windows, energy efficiency should be a major factor when making your decision. The higher the energy efficiency of your windows and doors, the less your energy bill will be. Not only will you save money in the long term, but you will also notice a more pleasant interior temperature right away. Steel and fiberglass doors and windows are commonly regarded to be the finest insulators.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing 

Although security and efficiency are important considerations, no one should purchase a door or window that lacks visual appeal. Your home is most certainly your most precious possession, and it would be silly to depreciate it by putting an unsightly front door. The front entrance of your house is the first impression you make on guests, and most of our clients take this very seriously. We advise choosing a door and windows that look as beautiful as it performs.

 6.  Easy to Install

It may be absurd to contemplate installation as a component of purchasing a new door or window, but it is critical to operation. It’s not just about the doors and windows you purchase; it should be about who you buy them from and who will replace/maintain them for you. East Coast Windows’ crew has years of knowledge and experience in windows and door replacement.

It’s crucial for homeowners to think twice before installing a new impact window or door. In order to find the best solution, you have to partner with the best. Our team at East Coast Windows is dedicated to providing exceptional impact windows and door replacement and installation solutions for homeowners and businesses. You can contact us via our online form or simply call us at 954-545-0997.