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Hurricane Information

Windows Explained

Window Styles Explained: The Pros & Cons

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, it’s essential to consider both aesthetics and functionality. Windows play a crucial role in enhancing the overall look of
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Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Benefits of Hurricane Windows: Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

Hurricanes are a natural force to be reckoned with, causing devastation and destruction to homes and properties in their path. In regions prone to these tropical storms, investing in hurricane
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Two hurricane in the ocean. What will the 2021 Hurricane Season bring?

2023 Hurricane Season: What You Need to Know

The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season is officially underway, and it is important to be prepared for the possibility of a storm. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting
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A dark stormy cloud. Time to take read up on hurricane preparedness.

2023 Hurricane Season & Impact Windows

Earlier this year, East Coast Windows laid out several reasons why installing impact windows makes perfect sense for South Florida homeowners.
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Hurricane Impact Window Ratings Explained

How do you choose the best hurricane impact windows for your house when there are so many on the market? Hurricane impact window ratings are very helpful when researching which
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Winter Window Installation - Happy New Year

Improving Your Home with the New Year

With the new year comes new hope and goals for a better year going forward. Many of us use this time to reflect on the things that we may have
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Holiday Theft Prevention

Preventing Theft This Holiday Season

The holiday season centers around excellent food, good spirits, and, of course, gifts. The rush and bustle, on the other hand, may distract us from the possible hazards that may
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Hurricane Ian: Recovery and Preparedness

As cleanup and recovery efforts continue, we reflect upon this year’s Hurricane Ian– a destructive storm that had little mercy for those in its path. Homes and individual properties sustain
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