steps after the hurricane

Steps After The Hurricane

At East Coast Windows and Doors, we understand the challenges you face in the wake of a hurricane. Our team is dedicated to helping you restore and protect your home with reliable and professional services. From assessing damage to making necessary repairs, you can count on East Coast Windows and Doors to be there every step of the way. Below you will find steps after the hurricane to follow and help keep you and your family safe this hurricane season.

First Steps: After the hurricane has passed, leaving you with a mix of relief and apprehension. What’s next? Follow these essential steps after the hurricane to ensure your safety and begin the recovery process:


Communicate and Stay Informed

  • Check in with family and friends: Use text messages or social media to conserve battery life and ensure communication, especially if cell service and power are available.
  • Stay tuned to official news reports: Follow area-specific instructions and updates from reliable sources.


Returning Home After the Hurricane and Safety Precautions

  • Wait for official clearance: If you evacuated, return home only when authorities declare it safe.
  • Report hazards: Watch out for downed power lines and report them to local electric authorities immediately.
  • Exercise caution around debris: Keep children away from debris to prevent injuries.
  • Avoid floodwaters: They may be contaminated or have strong currents. Stay out of them and keep vehicles away, as even a foot of fast-moving water can carry a car away.


Home and Property Care Steps After the Hurricane

  • Wear protective gear: Use rubber gloves when cleaning to protect against hazardous substances.
  • Document property damage: Take photographs of any damage for insurance purposes.
  • Perform temporary repairs: Prevent further damage by covering leaks with tarps or broken windows with plastic.
  • Discard perishable items: Throw away food and beverages if power was lost during the storm.


Stay Vigilant

  • Watch for post-storm rainfall: Additional rainfall can worsen flooding or create new hazards.
  • Limit driving: Avoid unnecessary driving, especially in flooded areas, to prioritize safety.


Steps After the Hurricane: Trust East Coast Windows and Doors

At East Coast Windows and Doors, your safety and home protection are our top priorities. We understand the challenges you face after a hurricane and are here to help you recover and strengthen your home against future storms.

Contact us for a free consultation and quote on safeguarding your home.

We’re committed to minimizing damage and ensuring your peace of mind.

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