5 Proven Strategies for Choosing a Window Installation Consultant

5-window-contractorWhen shopping around for a contractor to install your windows, there is no lack of contractors available. There are so many choices that it may be hard to narrow down the best contractor or team for your specific needs. A quick search on the Internet will reveal multiple results from all over the country. If you don’t know where to turn, there are five proven strategies that will guide you when choosing a window installation consultant.

The first strategy is to narrow down your search to someone who provides services locally. It is important to choose someone who has shown commitment to servicing the local community. Be sure that they have a local address and a local phone number. Better yet, make sure that you can physically locate the property. Local companies provide a track record of past interactions with customers and will help you feel a level of security, knowing that you are far less likely to be scammed. For instance, if you live in Florida, you might want to evaluate East Coast Windows. They are an experienced window installation firm that provides high quality, safe, strong and aesthetically pleasing windows that exceed their clients’ high expectations.

The second strategy to remember is that pricing isn’t everything. A very affordable or low price deal is a very attractive trick to lure you as a customer. After all, everyone loves to receive outstanding value for his or her buck.  The most important factor is locating the right expert who will install your windows properly. Some categories to remember include experience, high-quality work, great customer service, competitive pricing options, and references from previous projects.

The third strategy is to make sure the contractor has insurance coverage. There are two types of insurance that good companies will carry- liability and worker’s compensation. Many people do not realize that they can actually ask for proof of the insurance before hiring the contractor. If an accident happens, the workers will be covered.

The fourth strategy is to check the license of the contractor. Just like insurance, the contractor needs to be licensed or credentialed in some way. A business license is a legal tax requirement and is not the same as having some form of credentials, showing that the contractor has some level of knowledge. You can ask to see the license or credentials so that you can be ensured that you are deal with an established professional.

The fifth strategy is to examine the consultant’s workmanship warranty. Whether the warranty is one year or up to five years is not what is most important. The content of the warranty and the company’s ability to live up to the warranty promise is what is most important. Also, make sure you have a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty as well.
Obtain references and ask some questions. Some of these questions include:
1. Did the contractor provide good customer service?
2. Was the work completed on time?
3. Can the company be trusted?
4. Was the company responsive to your needs?

If you have any further questions or require assistance with windows installation in the Miami-Dade area, don’t hesitate to contact East Coast Windows.

The Beauty of Windows – What Do Your Windows Say About You and Your Style?

beauty-windowsRecently we heard a story about a couple who moved into a new home in the country. The house had a lovely breakfast room with large windows that offered a view of their backyard and the neighboring yard. The first morning as the couple lingered over their coffee the wife commented “Look at the neighbor’s wash hanging on the clothes line. They need to use some bleach. The clothes look like they’re still dirty.” A week later, she made a similar comment adding, “Maybe they need a new washing machine.”

The third week the wife expressed with great pleasure that “Finally they learned how to clean their dirty clothes.” Her husband responded, “No, finally I cleaned our dirty windows.”

Often we are unaware of how our personal filters impact the way we see others and the world at large. Sometimes we find it easier to criticize than to examine the validity of our viewpoint.

The windows of our homes offer so much more than a glimpse of what is outside our walls.

Here are some examples.

  1. They can add beauty and style, inside and out.
  2. They can offer protection from the heat and the cold.
  3. They can be instrumental in keeping our family and our belongings safe from damaging storms.
  4. They can increase the value of your home.

These are some of the things the windows of our homes “can” do. How can you make sure the window company you choose will deliver on their promises? You don’t need “can do”, you need and deserve “will do”.

Ask the questions that will lead you to the right company.

Do the owners and office personnel have experience in the industry?

Have the installers been with the company for some time?

Is there an In-house Service Department?

Is there a department that handles the permit process?

Are there positive reviews from customers?

We may not be able to answer those questions for other companies but we can confidently answer them for ours.

Our principal, Ed Morris, has 28 years of experience in the field of windows and doors. Our General Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager and Office Manager have a combined total of 57 years of experience specifically in the window and door industry and a total of 81 years of experience in construction and management.

Our installers are all long-term employees and a vital part of our team. Our in-house Service Department and Permitting Department are detail oriented and provide help that makes the entire process run smoothly, efficiently and headache free for our customers.

We are proud of the reviews we have earned from the clients we serve. We look forward to fulfilling our promise of excellence to even more customers.

Let’s Evaluate Weather Protective Building Techniques – Now and In the Future

weather-protective-building“Necessity is the mother of invention.” is a familiar phrase, but when it comes to creating safe shelter from the wrath of Mother Nature we should change that saying to “Survival is the mother of invention.”

From ancient times people have found ways to protect themselves, their families, and their belongings from dangerous weather. Structures in China which were built 1500 years ago have survived earthquakes when more modern buildings were destroyed. Scientists discovered the mortar in those resistant centuries old buildings was made from sticky rice and slaked lime. The mixture is so strong that it makes demolition of whatever it holds together almost impossible. Even bulldozers fail to destroy what is held together with this type of mortar.

Let’s travel warp speed to the future. Some of the weather protection materials we find there might include a storm resistant room made with kevlar (of bulletproof vest fame) and mesh made of metal. There are architects designing even more unusual options such as subscrapers that are underground dwellings and water-scrapers which turn the ocean into real estate.

As we look back upon the weather protective building techniques of old and look forward to the types of housing alternatives our descendants might enjoy perhaps our real focus should be in the here and now. In South Florida building codes require and the safety of our families and belongings demand hurricane resistant windows. The building codes changed in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992; the invention of the products to meet the requirements of those codes was in response to the need for survival of the citizens of South Florida and their homes.

Andrew cost $25 billion dollars worth of damages. In South Florida nearly 250,000 people were left homeless. A total of 65 people lost their lives. Approximately 600,000 businesses and homes were destroyed or seriously damaged by the storm.

The hurricane resistant windows and doors that were designed and manufactured to meet the building codes save lives and money. East Coast Windows is proud to offer a variety of options for your remodeling or new construction needs. We are proud to have a team of knowledgeable and experienced managers, installers, engineers and permitting experts ready to provide the excellent service our customers deserve.

The need for survival led to the invention of some wonderful storm resistant products, but they don’t do any good unless they are used. Let East Coast Windows help you find the products that will help you and your family stay safe in the storm.

Three Ways Installing High Impact Windows in Your Home Saves You Money and One Way It Does Not

Three panel impact glass door with dark hinged shuttersAccording to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, your doors and windows are “the worst enemies of your home during a hurricane.” Replacing your old windows with high-impact, hurricane-resistant windows has been proven to be a wise choice for safety. It is also an extremely sound choice as far as your finances are concerned. Let’s examine the many ways that is true.

When you choose to replace your old windows with high-impact, hurricane resistant windows your savings will include reduced insurance premiums, lowered energy bills, and increased resale value of your home.

1. Reduced insurance premiums. Offering a discount on homeowners insurance in the state of Florida is not an option for insurance companies; it is a requirement. Florida Statute 627.0629(1) states that insurance companies “must offer discounts, credits, or other rate differentials for construction techniques that reduce damage and loss in windstorms”.


For a quick estimate of potential savings, you could use an online tool, the Wind Insurance Savings Calulator:


Your insurance agent will be able to give you even more information about the savings you can expect and the procedure you need to follow to receive a discount or credit.

2. Lowered energy bills. The laminated glass and specialized coatings used in impact-resistant windows provides a barrier that keeps the heat out of your home. Florida enjoys as many as 100 days of 90 degrees or higher per year. Our climate, although beautiful, can bring us some unwelcome and extremely high air conditioning bills. When you have hurricane-resistant windows installed in your home and see lower energy bills as a result, Florida’s sunshine will be much more enjoyable.

3. Increased resale value of your home. Each year Remodeling Magazine prepares and publishes a Cost vs. Value Report that highlights a selection of home improvement projects and their impact on the value of a home. In their report for 2014, one of these projects was impact-resistant windows. It clearly indicated that the resale value of a home increases when that type of window has been installed. As a side note, the cost of certain home improvements will have a positive impact on the income tax implications when you sell your home. Keeping accurate records is important.

According to the Florida Building Code, new homes must include hurricane-impact windows or non-impact windows meeting pressure thresholds. Although non-impact windows are an option, they require shutters. However, the use of shutters can create problems (a subject for another day!).

And now, although installing hurricane impact windows may not help save you money, it has the potential to save you something far more valuable -the health and safety of the people you love. When you improve your home’s capacity to withstand the rage of a hurricane, you are protecting your family from the pain and injuries such a storm can cause.

Save money, and save lives. Contact us for information about installing high-impact windows in your home.

4 Practical Reasons to Invest in Impact Windows

Impact windows are also known as hurricane windows. They are different from the single glazed or standard glass windows in that they are shatter-resistant, made of two layers of tempered or annealed glass bonded with a shatterproof membrane. Thus, impact windows have glass that is safer and will never fracture into large shards.

Shatterproof windows do more than protect against strong winds and flying debris. These windows will also make it more difficult for thieves to enter your property through them. Burglars will find it impossible to enter through impact windows without causing noise or waking the neighbors.

Aside from preventing robberies and damage from wind and flying debris, impact windows are also great for maintaining the structural integrity of your property’s roof. This is because with ordinary glass, strong winds can loosen the roof more easily, as it offers a new point of entry that will most certainly lead to costly damages given sustained pressure.

Thus, the top three reasons impact windows make sense are:

  1. To prevent large sharp shards of glass from a glass window caused by flying debris and strong winds from harming anyone.
  2. To deter robbers and thieves.
  3. To prevent extensive damage to the structural integrity of your roof.

There is also a fourth reason.

You can expect to spend less on energy use with impact windows. Energy efficiency is possible if the impact windows have low emissivity glass, also known as Low E glass. Low E glass is glass with a hair-thin transparent coating that reflects heat back in while reducing heat loss. It’s similar to the concept of a cooler with insulation that keeps drinks cold or food warm.

Aside from saving on heating or cooling, other benefits are:

  • Easier maintenance for rugs, toys, upholstery, etc. which won’t fade from being exposed to sunlight from the windows.
  • No skin burning during the hot months if you have several windows.
  • Protection of furniture from the damage from direct sunlight.
  • More privacy without having to invest in curtains or shades because impact windows can be ordered in different glass colors like colored tints, green, blue, bronze, or gray.
  • You and everyone in the house are protected from UV rays, as impact windows can block UV rays 100%.

Finally, from the perspective of a homeowner, impact windows increase the value of your property, lower insurance, decrease outdoor noise pollution, and add to the appeal of your property.

Window Selection and Keeping Cooling Costs Low – Out of Date

As a homeowner and/or business owner, one has several costs to think about and any way to save money on some of these costs may go a long way. So, it can be a useful idea for homeowners and business owners to reduce utility bills by making easy, low-cost home or business improvements.

One area to focus on while thinking of ways to reduce home utility costs are home improvements that will lower cooling and heating costs. In fact, heating and cooling actually account for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes according to Energy.gov.

An efficient option when looking to lower cooling and heating costs is installing impact windows and doors that will keep the air inside your home from escaping.
For a selection of Broward County Energy Efficient Windows and Doors, and Broward County Energy Efficient Replacement Windows and Doors, look to East Coast Windows & Doors. At East Coast Windows & Doors, we will be able to provide you with several window and door options that will not only help you save on utility costs, but can also provide you with hurricane protection and more security for your home or business.

More options for lowering your cooling costs include installing window coverings that can prevent heat gaining through your windows.

Living in South Florida especially can mean very warm days and nights almost all year around and non-energy efficient windows can be a major cause for unwanted heat gain, so installing windows and doors that are energy efficient in this climate can end up making a big difference in your monthly cooling costs.

To learn more about energy-efficient windows and how to lower your monthly cooling costs, contact East Coast Windows & Doors to discuss your options.

How Your Window Selection Could Increase Security in Your Home


In the United States, break-ins continue to be a serious concern, especially when speaking about home burglaries since almost 66 percent of all burglaries are residential break-ins and 2,000,000 home burglaries are being reported every year. In fact, according to the FBI, home-break-ins are the most common threat to our homes, with a home burglary happening every 13 seconds around the country.

Though there are several ways in which homes are getting burglarized it is important to note that 30 percent of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door. Additionally, windows are the most frequent point of entry during warm weather months since windows are likely to be left open during this time and the tendency is to leave windows unlocked more frequently than doors. In these cases, even an open window with a locked screen could attract the attention of possible burglars.

As one can see, a good precaution to take in preventing burglaries and decreasing the possibilities for violent crime is simply to make sure to lock all doors and windows, plus having doors and windows that are able to resist attack.

When looking for windows that will endure an attack, look to East Coast Windows & Doors, offering Impact Windows and Doors that add security to your home as well as effortless hurricane protection for you and your family.

Other than considering the installment of impact windows and doors, always make sure all your doors and especially windows are locked since experts say that 23% of break-ins occur through first-floor windows, meaning that locking windows when leaving your home should be a top priority. Additionally, remember to lock your side doors and garage doors as well.