What Are Hurricane Proof Windows?

After Hurricane Andrew hit Southern Florida in August 1992, the state started to promote the use of impact resistant roofs, windows and doors. Many areas in Florida now require hurricane-proof windows in all new homes and buildings. These windows are suggested to anyone owning a home or other structure that is in an area where hurricanes are likely to occur.

Impact-resistant glass can withstand high winds and flying debris that is caused by a hurricane winds. Some of the hurricane-proof windows are equipped with a heavy-duty frame to help prevent the home or other structure from collapsing. Having hurricane-proof windows work to prevent air from getting into the home, thus causing the pressure inside the home to change causing the roof or walls to collapse.

There are different types of impact or hurricane-proof windows available. One type is inner-membrane windows. These windows have an invisible layer of PVB/ polyvinyl butaryl that is strategically placed between two pieces of glass. If the glass is impacted it shatters but the inner membrane does not. Interestingly, it stays intact.  These windows can withstand winds up to 200 mph. The membrane is not noticeable and does not take away from the look of the home. They are also energy efficient and available in various styles and sizes and require little maintenance. The windows also help keep outside noises outside and protect against intruders. The other type is a shatter resistant film that coves the regular glass to help prevent it from shattering easily.

Before windows can be declared impact or hurricane resistant, they must undergo special testing. There is the large missile test. The large missile testing tests the window by impacting it with an object that is 6-feet long and weighs 9 pounds. It is shot at the window at 20 feet per second. In order for the window to pass this test, the window must stay intact once glazed. The other test is the small missile test. The small missile testing test the window by shooting 30 pieces of roof gravel at a rate of about 80 feet per second. The same results need to occur with this test.

Prices on hurricane-proof windows will vary depending on the type or brand of the window. It will also depend on what city you live in, the contractor, the type of window and the material that is used. There will also be an installation and labor charge for installing the windows. Even though the cost of having hurricane-proof windows may seem a little expensive, in the long run, the windows may save money. Not only can the windows help save the home and personal belongings, but many insurance companies offer discounts to clients who have hurricane-proof windows installed.

The next great advantage to having hurricane-proof windows is that the windows do not need anything done to them before the storm. As with other products, such as shutters, panels, or roll-downs that require you to be there and know when the storm is going to hit your area. Not having to deal with any of those things, gives you time to prepare in other areas.

Top Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Home During a Storm or Hurricane

Protect From Hurricane

People react differently to storms and hurricanes. For some of us, a storm can actually be quite exciting and as long as we’re safe, warm and dry indoors, it can be almost soothing to hear the weather outside. For others, however, this can be a highly frightening experience and one that leaves us anxiously watching the window and unable to relax. Whether it’s your home or family-or both-that you need to protect from hurricane / storms, East Coast windows has the tips to keep you safe.

Either way, it’s important that you know what to do during a storm. Furthermore, you need to know what to do before a storm in order to ensure that you stay safe. Read on to find out some of the best ways to protect your home and to prevent a storm from causing any damage…

Have a Hurricane / Storm Safety Kit

If you live in an area where the weather can be violent and unpredictable, then it’s a very good idea to create a storm safety kit for yourself. This kit will provide you with all the supplies that you need in order to see you through the worst weather.  You should keep this somewhere in a plastic box with a sealed lid. At the very least, this kit should include:

  • Flashlights
  • Food supplies
  • Basic first aid
  • Extra batteries
  • Small fire extinguisher
  • Blankets
  • Bottles of water
  • Battery operated radio

Knowing the Drill

It can also be useful to know what you’ll do in the case of a storm. Have a plan of action and discuss with your family where and how you’ll seek shelter. It’s always important to stay indoors but if the storm is particularly severe, you may choose to retreat to the basement. Make sure your family knows what to do!

Hurricane Impact Windows Protect From Hurricane

One of the weakest and most vulnerable points of any home during a storm is the windows. Make sure that you have installed suitable hurricane windows to keep your property as secure as possible and to prevent damage that might cost a lot to repair. Storm shutters can also be useful to provide an additional layer of support against storms, as well as security.

Note that the quality of the installation here is just as important as the windows themselves. Use a reputable company with good reviews such as East Coast Windows (for the South Florida area) and be sure that your home is well protected!

Roofing & Hurricanes

Another vulnerable point is your roof. Consider using shingles rated as Class 3 or 4 by UL 2218 or FM 4473. This will mean they can withstand harsher weather without being damaged. This is also important to protect from hurricane the rest of your property, as roof tiles can be very dangerous when thrown by strong winds.

Think About Your Garden

In your garden, it pays to keep storms and winds in mind when choosing furniture and plants. Maintain your trees by removing weak branches that might get broken off. Likewise, replace rock or gravel landscaping and think about nailing down your furniture. A little work now can save a lot of problems in the long term!

Protect From Hurricanes with East Coast Windows and Doors

To secure your home against the ravages of hurricane season, taking proactive measures is paramount. By fortifying your property with top-of-the-line hurricane protection solutions, such as impact-resistant windows and durable doors, you can ensure the safety and security of your loved ones and your cherished belongings. East Coast Windows and Doors stands as a trusted ally in this pursuit, offering unparalleled expertise and a wide array of home improvement options tailored to your specific needs. Don’t wait for the next storm to hit—take the first step towards safeguarding your home today. Contact East Coast Windows and Doors for a comprehensive assessment and fortify your home against the unpredictable forces of nature.

How to Get Your Dream Storm Windows

dreams-storm-windowsThere is nothing like scrimping and saving your hard earned dollars and then spending it on a home improvement project that goes horribly wrong. If there are costly mistakes that you or your contractor makes, not only will this hit you in the wallet but, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth for future projects. If you’re considering getting new hurricane windows, don’t hire the first contractor you find. Instead, there are certain steps you must take to ensure that they are installed properly and efficiently. Companies like East Coast Windows, are not only well-known and established but their business is windows and pleasing their customers. Here are 5 tips that you should consider when choosing a contractor to install your dream storm windows:

1. Know what type of windows you’re looking for! It is not easy to know what type of window you desire, if you have never had storm windows installed in the past. It is beneficial to do some research into various storm windows to ensure you know what you want and what is right for your home. Be open and honest about what you’re looking for and the look you desire to make your room pop. Look at home improvement guides and magazines to give you a better idea for your personal style. Also, keep in mind these characteristics:

a.      Laminated glass that is double strength is good for hurricane and storm areas. If you live in a high storm area, you may want to choose laminated glass. These types of windows can withstand high winds and provide and air tight fit. Plus, if air is able to seep through the window, it can cause potential damage. These types of windows prevent this from happening.
b.      Good storm windows will have vinyl reinforced with steel. Not only will this look very nice but, it can add a solid layer of impact resistance. Many times, during a hurricane, objects can become airborne, allowing wind, rain and foreign objects to enter the home.
c.      A good storm window should never peel, fade, or flake off.  In fact, they should look good during good and bad weather. In fact, they should stay strong during inclement storm conditions. Be sure to check for this when conducting research. For instance, East Coast Window’s windows are affordable, beautiful, strong and can stand up to the toughest storm!

2. Be aware of various types of windows. Although nailing plywood over windows is a good temporary emergency technique to protect your windows during a hurricane, it is also a huge undertaking to put it up and pull it down every time a storm comes through. There are technically advanced options, like hurricane storm windows, that are available. For instance, most are made of high-impact glass and are able to withhold their strength and beauty for many years. Plus, they keep you and your family safe during threatening hurricanes and violent storms.

3. Research your glass options. There are 2 types of residential impact glass. One contains multiple layers of polyvinyl butyral (PRB). This is good to stand up against small projectiles and other airborne objects. The other is laminated glass that comes in hand for larger impacts. Impact windows have been tested against Category 5 winds and debris.

4. Be clear when communicating your expectations to potential contractors. Knowing what you want ahead of time will help you communicate your vision clearly to potential contractors. The right contractor will be able to help guide you with his expertise. This will help the contractor properly quote the amount of what the job will entail. Put a list together of contractors in your local area and look through reviews and interview prospects. Compare prices, quality of material and warranties. Don’t hesitate to ask for examples and references to ensure that you’re on the same page.

5. Discuss any and all concerns. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the contractor everything that you want to know about the price, the installation, and the projected completion date of the job. If you have any concerns, voice them to the contractor. Most importantly, have the contractor issue you a written warranty and guarantee. This will help ensure that they will not just walk away from the job and leave you hanging.

The Value of Hurricane Impact Systems

value-of-hurricane-systemsFlorida has now gone an incredible ten years without a hurricane striking its coast, an especially impressive feat considering its 1,260 miles of coastline. While residents and visitors alike have enjoyed the relative calm, many scientists are expecting hurricanes to make a massive comeback during the 2016 storm season. While it is easy to grow complacent and forget the panic that comes with hurricanes, it is crucial to take steps now to ensure you are prepared before the next hurricane reaches land. Unfortunately, when a hurricane strikes, it is too late to protect your home, making now the only time to act.

Large hurricanes often cause unparalleled damage to the communities they strike. For a home to survive the storm and be livable after the storm has subsided it must have windows, doors and a roof that stay in place through the entirety of the storm. Once the elements are able to get into the home, it is only a matter of time before water, wind and projectiles destroy the entire house. By investing in impact resistant windows and doors you are able to not only protect your home, but as an added benefit, will likely see energy and insurance bills decrease due to the added security from the impact resistance windows and doors that have been properly installed.

Your home is your castle and while we specialize in protecting it, we also understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetics of your home, which is why our impact resistance doors and windows are built to look as great as they are strong. We’ve built a showroom and have hired some of the most experienced sales people in the business to ensure you get the perfect impact resistant doors and windows for your home. After the purchase, allow our seasoned project managers guide our contractors and keep you in the loop each step of the process.

As the hurricane season rapidly approaches, we have made sure we have taken care of our family and would like to help protect yours as well. Our business has grown from referrals and doing each job as though it was our own home. Allow us to help protect your home in South Florida today. To begin picking out your windows feel free to visit our showroom at 1711 SW 7th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 or call us at 954-545-0997 to arrange a free consultation.

The Alarming Logic Of Buying Hurricane Windows and Doors Now in 2016


Did you know that Hurricanes Sandy and Irene were predicted 3 years before they happened? Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) has been very successful in predicting weather patterns and behavior years before they happen. Last December 1, they released their 2016 and 2017 predictions.

  • GWO expects there to be 16 storms in 2016 and 17 storms in 2017 to hit the US
  • GWO predicts7 hurricanes in 2016 and 9 hurricanes in 2017
  • Between category 3 to 5, GWO predicts the US will experience 4 in 2016 and 5 in 2017 with 3 hurricanes potentially making landfall in 2016 and over 4 hurricanes making landfall in 2017

Why will the weather be worse than in the previous years? According to weather experts, the planet is experiencing the harshest El Nino of the past 100 years. It started in 2015 and will end in 2017.

The problem with higher water temperatures is that it alters the global circulation patterns which means dramatic weather changes in the next 2 years. Experts are saying that the United States will start to experience warmer months from November 2015 to March 2016. The rains, when they come, will be brutal with strong thunderstorms with some areas getting as much as 30 inches of rainfall up to March 2016. Weather Trends International has forecast a very wet winter because of the El Nino phenomenon followed by severe drought in the months after.

The hurricane season in the country will start in June and end on November. Some predict damages from 2016 hurricanes to reach as high as $102 billion. However, these are just predictions and the intensity of the weather will not depend solely on El Nino. That being said, if one were to compare the last time the country experienced an El Nino in 1997-98, 17 people died in California and damages were estimated at $550 million from a series of storms.

Sounding the Alarm
It’s good to know these predictions because it gives everyone time to prepare. Hurricanes are always a threat to life and property. There is just nothing one can do about stopping its force or changing its course but it is possible to prepare for the wind and rain that hurricanes bring.

Aside from strapping down roofs and outdoor fixtures, installing storm windows and doors can prevent debris from shattering glass and exposing everyone to the full might of the hurricane.

In addition, getting the experienced professionals to handle the installation and providing the materials is critical to your investment. Yes, these types of windows are on the high side which makes it imperative that there are no back jobs or faulty equipment/installation.

The best for the job is one with crew that have at least 5 years experience and a company that has its own in-house permitting department and is recognized in the state for full compliance with state laws and regulations.

It’s got to be East Coast Windows. From start to finish, you are guaranteed satisfaction. And your first appointment with us for inspection is free! East Coast is a full service, topnotch window and door specialist which promises to take care of all your window and door security needs so you and your family can feel safe always.

Hurricane-Ready Preparations


The Latest Apps, Impact Solutions and Tips

The past year was less stressful only in the sense that the country and the rest of the world experienced less storms and hurricanes because of the El Nino phenomenon. Unfortunately, after El Nino comes La Nina and a 97% chance of a hurricane making landfall this year as El Nino comes to an end by March 2016.

Historically, storms increase after an El Nino. According to Dr. Philip Klotzback who works at the Colorado State University, “Over twice as many hurricanes impact the United States in La Nina years versus El Nino.”

This means it is time to prepare and there is sufficient time to get everything ready: family, house, property, supplies, and digital tools. Here are a few suggestions:

Hurricane Apps
There are a number of excellent hurricane apps available for downloading like Hurricane Tracker, The Weather Channel, Apply Weather, and NOAA Hi-Def Radar. Hurricane Tracker ($1.29 trial version) gives you global information on hurricanes but also lets you zoom in on your area alone. It also has historical data so you can study the patterns and history of hurricanes all the way back to 2006.

The Weather Channel is a free weather forecast app that also has a section on major weather issues of the day or week. Apply Weather ($3.99 full version) has a cool color coded theme for the daily weather and turns bloody red when the weather is going to be bad. It has weather alerts and weather forecasts. The NOAA Hi-Def Radar ($1.99) is one of the best radar apps available. It offers a 5 day weather forecast but is limited to national coverage.

Impact Windows and Doors
Also known as hurricane windows and doors, these are essential for hurricane-prone areas. By adding this extra layer of protection on the vulnerable spots of your house or property, you can keep everyone inside safe from flying debris, broken glass, tree branches, rain, and other elements.

However, it is important to trust only highly qualified professionals to handle the installation of your impact windows and doors. Look for certifications, state regulation compliance documents, inspection records, and years of experience. Trying to trim down the costs of impact windows and doors by selecting price over experience will bite back in the end. Instead of going down this route, negotiate for terms. Always remember that the safety of your family is the main reason why you need to get these types of windows and doors.

Be active with your local community
Start to be an active member of your community. Get to know the Red Cross office, public safety enforcers, and other government and private organizations that are located in your area. Being informed is being one step ahead of disaster.

Preparing Supplies
Water, canned goods, rope, candles, matches, extra batteries, blankets are just a few of the items you should always have. If you know anyone who is a prepper, talk to him and get a quick orientation of what you should include in your supplies station at home and in the workplace. It may seem over the top but you will get the general idea on how to survive during the first few hours after the power goes out.

It is important to be aware and prepare for storms. Too many people have been traumatized by natural calamities that could have been avoided. And even if the storms don’t come to your area, they will come and affect others so your supplies could be used to help them survive the ordeal of being hit by a hurricane.