hurricane matthew

The hurricane is over. You are filled with both relief and fear. What happens next?

Here is a checklist of what you should do following a hurricane.

  1. If you have cell phone service and/or power, check in with family members and friends. Texting and social media are great options and won’t use as much battery as a phone call if you need to conserve your battery life.
  2. Listen to official news reports for instructions for your area.
  3. If you have evacuated, wait to return home until authorities have given the OK.
  4. Be careful of downed powerlines and report them to your local electric company if they are not yet aware of them.
  5. Be careful around debris and make sure small children stay clear. Many injuries occur from improper debris clean up.
  6. Do not let your children play in flood waters. If possible, you should also avoid walking through flood waters, especially if there’s a current.
  7. When you clean your home, wear rubber gloves as there could be toxic cleaners or other chemicals that could have leaked.
  8. Try to also keep your vehicle away from flood waters. Did you know that just one foot of fast-moving water can sweep your car away?
  9. For insurance purposes, take pictures of any damage to your property. You may need this later if you have any insurance claims to submit.
  10. Try to perform temporary fixes to prevent any further damage. This may include applying a tarp on your roof if you have any leaks, or taping plastic bags or other material over a broken window.
  11. If you lost power, throw out all perishable food and beverages.
  12. Stay alert for any rainfall that may come after the storm has ended.

Although you will be tempted to explore your local area, or check on family and friends in person, it is important to still only drive if necessary, especially if there is flooding.

Your safety during the storm is our number one concern.  If you’re interested in learning how to minimize damage to your home, contact us to see what your options are and for a free quote.

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