Dark omnious clouds like we may see in the 2021 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season 2021 is now just weeks away and is set to last from 1 June to 30 November. Therefore, residents on the east coast must think about investing in the right hurricane protection.

Knowing what to expect this hurricane season will provide the insight needed to build a winning strategy to protect your home or business with investments like impact windows and doors. Here’s everything you need to know.

How many storms are due this Atlantic hurricane season?

Experts at the CSU made their forecasts in April, identifying a total of 17 named storms, which includes eight expected hurricanes and four major hurricanes. This is one more than last year than the record breaking figures of 2020, in which over 30 storms actually hit during the storm season.

For the sixth year running, the list of named storms is bigger than the old average of 12 from 1981-2010, and three more than the new average of 14 relating to records from 1991-2010. This reflects the absence of an El Nino, as well as a host of other climate factors.

This year’s named storms are Ana, Bill, Claudette, Danny, Elsa, Fred, Grace, Henri, Ida, Julian, Kate, Larry, Mindy, Nicholas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam, Teresa Victor, and Wanda. A list of supplementary storm names has also been confirmed in case, like last year, the actual figure is greater than the anticipated number.

What does it mean for residents in Florida?

Residents of Florida and the east coast are perhaps at the biggest threat of enduring problems during the 2021 hurricane season. It only takes one landfall for damages to occur to homes and businesses. Without the right hurricane protection, lives could be at risk too.

Even if the worst of the season isn’t due until at least August, it’s important for residents to begin their preparations right away. If you wait until the first Hurricane Warning alert, it will be too late to implement most of the key steps.

Here are five key steps to ensure that you are ready for the pending hurricane season 2021:

#1. Protect the home’s exterior. Adding impact windows and doors that incorporate hurricane screens will reduce the risk of major damage or glass shattering. Meanwhile, you may wish to remove or treat trees and other backyard hazards.

#2. List internal changes. When a Storm Warning is alarmed, you will need to remove any items from your walls as they could fall once the home starts to shake. Likewise, you will want to turn furniture over to prevent damage. Appliances should be unplugged too.

#3. Build an emergency kit. The worst hurricanes could force you to evacuate the home. Having a buy-out bag packed and ready to go, along with any relevant documentation, should be viewed as a priority for all. Flashlights are vital too.

#4. Plan where you will be. When you have had fair warning about the hurricane, you can make the situation less worrying by hiding in the basement or a designated room. Your car should be stored away but ready with gas in case you need to leave the area.

#5. Know how to reassure children. Hurricanes are scary for adults but can be very frightening for kids. Your calmness will influence them greatly. The best way to achieve this is to know that you’ve made the right preparations.

While many of the steps can be completed nearer the time, adding impact windows and doors should be considered a priority that needs immediate attention. Give your home the support it deserves today by calling East Coast Windows for further info.

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