Bedroom with Natural Light

Natural light in your home has become the biggest trend over the last few years. You can’t watch a home improvement or real estate show on TV without hearing the words “natural light” at least a few times. To many, an abundance of natural light is just as important as the decor in your home.

So how do you increase the natural light in your home to give your space the fresh, crisp, rejuvenating look that you’re looking for? The answers may be easier than you think.

1. Freshen up your paint, but keep it light.  Cool colors like light grey or powered blue reflect light better than darker colors, increasing the natural light in your room.

2. Upgrade your flooring.  If you have a room that needs some “lightening up,” light wood flooring is a great option. Light colors reflect instead of absorb, so having light floors may be just as important as the paint color on your walls.

3. Rearrange your furniture. Do you have a room that has big, beautiful windows but for some reason still seems dark? It could be your furniture blocking light from fully entering the room. The key is to make sure your furniture is at least a few feet away from windows or glass doors to maximize natural light.

4. Hang up some mirrors.  To increase natural light you can play with mirror placement. Placing mirrors opposite of windows or glass doors will reflect the light back into the room. Placing multiple mirrors in different locations will only make the room appear lighter by causing the light to jump from mirror to mirror, wall to wall.

5. Lighten up your curtains.  Getting rid of your thick, heavy, solid curtains and replacing them with light cotton or linen curtains is a great way to let more natural light into your home.

6. Make sure your view is clear.  Often times we’re so focused on fixing the inside to allow for more natural light, that we can overlook something very obvious, trimming our trees. If you have trees that need to be trimmed outside your windows, all of the previous tips could be for nothing.

7. Upgrade your windows and doors.  The last step we recommend for letting more light into your home is to upgrade the light’s point of entry to your house: your windows and doors. Having big, beautiful windows is a sure way to maximize the above tips. Also, if you have a solid door that does not allow for any light to pass through, replacing it with a glass door will really open up the entryway to your home and give it that fresh airy look you’re going for.

When you’re ready to upgrade your windows and doors to help fill your home with beautiful natural light, call us at East Coast Windows! Our experienced design team can help you find the right options that will help you meet your lighting goals.

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