Large living room with couch table and several large windows

Large living room with couch table and several large windowsWhat do you think of when you hear “New Year’s Resolutions”? Do you think of losing weight? Stopping a nasty habit like smoking? Maybe picking up a new hobby like reading more or going to yoga?

Those are all fantastic, but what about setting a resolution to focus on where you spend most of your time? Your home! Whether it’s renovations, decorating, or even decluttering and getting more organized, putting some effort into the place your family calls home can be a resolution that benefits everyone.

Here are just a few examples of some great projects to incorporate into your New Year’s Resolution.

Update your Decor. One of our favorite looks right now is the use of accent colors. Having a color scheme is great, but having a color scheme for more than your walls will really make your decor pop. Want to use yellow as an accent color? Find some yellow pillows, a vase, or a yellow mirror, even a yellow lid to a jar. Work these pops of color into your color scheme and have fun playing with your new, vibrant decor.

Declutter.  Today we have so many options to cut down on clutter. From coat racks with extra storage for your mud room, to shelves with decorative bins or baskets for any room in your house, the possibilities are endless. For more inspiration, check out Pinterest for some great ideas on how to cut down the clutter while also creating an appealing look in your home.

Upgrade your windows.  Windows are so important to the look and feel of your home. It can be the difference between gloomy and great natural light, or taking a room and making it look bigger than it actually is. The quality of windows can also determine the size of your electric bill. So why not resolve to upgrade your windows this year. Contact East Coast Windows & Doors today to see what the best options are to accomplish your goals.

Create an Accent Wall.  An accent wall is a great way to draw focus to one area of a room or home. This look is usually accomplished by painting the wall a different and more dramatic color than the rest of the room, as well as tastefully decorating with mirrors, pictures, or your other favorite decor items. Pinterest has some great inspiration ideas for accent walls.

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas to get you started on your home improvement projects for the new year.

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