Hurricane Doors and Windows on a House

Hurricane Doors and Windows on a HouseIt’s that time of year again for us Floridians. Hurricane season is upon us and with it comes strong, damaging winds and rain. These winds will often carry with them large amounts of debris that often damage homes, mostly their windows and doors. It’s important to remember to protect your doors and windows during these storms. Below are some helpful tips to keep your doors and windows safe during the harshest of storms.

Buying Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Probably the easiest way to ensure your doors and windows are protected against storms is to buy Hurricane Impact windows and doors made especially to withstand the storm. By owning doors and windows that are built to last during these harsh storms, you save money in the long run by not having to spend money on materials to board up your doors and windows every year. This is also a time saver, as you do not have to take time out of your preparation to secure your doors and windows, allowing you to focus on important tasks like gathering supplies and preparing for power outages.

Boards and Shutters

Boarding up your doors and windows is a common practice done to protect them from being blown away or damaged during a hurricane. Boards act as an extra barrier to protect your home from debris. Shutters guard your windows in a similar manner and are available in various metals, such as aluminum.


In a worst case scenario, if you are unable to protect your doors or windows, the next available option is to have them insured. Having them insured means that you will be able to replace or repair any damages that may have occurred during a storm. Using the money from your claim can also be used to upgrade your windows and doors to hurricane impact windows to avoid having to board them up in the following years.

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