Replacement windows with sun streaming in upon a summer flower.

You may have missed the cooler months of spring for your window replacement project, but with the rising temperatures heading into the summer months, is it still a good time to repair or replace the windows in your home? The truth is that the warmer season is the perfect time for window work!

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider taking care of your window replacements and repairs in the summer:

1. Replacing your windows can lower your energy bill.

If your windows aren’t energy efficient, your energy bill will rise during the hotter summer months when your air conditioner is working hard to keep your home cool. That is why replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones can’t come at a better time than during hot weather. New Hurricane Impact energy-efficient windows can help reduce heat transferred through the glass. Some even have coatings that can help reduce transfer, while also blocking the sun’s strong rays. (This can also reduce the fading of your curtains, furniture and carpet!)

2. Not too cold, and not too rainy.

Replacing windows in the cold winter months isn’t fun! The rainy spring season is also not ideal for being without windows, even temporarily. Summer is the perfect time to have the work done!

3. Protect yourself from the other “elements” of summer.

In addition to beautiful weather, summer also brings kids outside every day. This creates outside noise as well as an increased risk of window breakage from balls and other toys being tossed around. New impact windows are stronger and less likely to shatter upon impact. Impact windows can also lessen the loud outdoor noises from disrupting your home.

4. Easily let in the nice weather… when you want to!

Do your older windows get stuck? Are they difficult to open or close? Are your old sliding glass doors hard to slide open? Summer is the time you want to be able to open your windows with ease – especially on breezy evenings.

No matter what season you choose to replace your windows, remember these three features to look for in your new windows: energy efficiency, safety/security, and low maintenance.

Make sure to contact East Coast Windows & Doors for all your window needs. We will find the options that work best for you!

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