Living room with large windows. East Coast Windows can help you with heating cooling costs.

In our opinion, Florida is the best place to live on Earth!  The weather is amazing all year round, you’re always close to a beach, great cuisine, and so much more.

However, living in this climate means having to endure the heat that comes during the summer months, and with the heat comes higher electric bills.  But did you know there are ways you can save on your heating and cooling costs?

The most effective way we know of is to replace your outdated, drafty windows with energy efficient impact windows.  Since 10-25% of your heating and cooling bill goes to compensate for heat being let in by your windows, you will see a return in your investment immediately.  And not only do impact windows reduce your bill by keeping the hot air outside, but they also keep the harmful rays from coming in too.

So how exactly do our windows reduce heat?  Here are just a few of our window features that help:

  • laminated insulating glass
  • low-E coatings
  • high quality framing materials
  • at least 2 panes of glass
  • spacers between panes

When you’re ready to save money on your heating and cooling costs, give our friendly staff at East Coast Windows a call and request a free estimate.  We will come out to your property, discuss what you’re looking for, and give you the best options to fit your design ideas and energy saving goals.

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