7 Simple Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Bedroom with Natural Light

Natural light in your home has become the biggest trend over the last few years. You can’t watch a home improvement or real estate show on TV without hearing the words “natural light” at least a few times. To many, an abundance of natural light is just as important as the decor in your home.

So how do you increase the natural light in your home to give your space the fresh, crisp, rejuvenating look that you’re looking for? The answers may be easier than you think.

1. Freshen up your paint, but keep it light.  Cool colors like light grey or powered blue reflect light better than darker colors, increasing the natural light in your room.

2. Upgrade your flooring.  If you have a room that needs some “lightening up,” light wood flooring is a great option. Light colors reflect instead of absorb, so having light floors may be just as important as the paint color on your walls.

3. Rearrange your furniture. Do you have a room that has big, beautiful windows but for some reason still seems dark? It could be your furniture blocking light from fully entering the room. The key is to make sure your furniture is at least a few feet away from windows or glass doors to maximize natural light.

4. Hang up some mirrors.  To increase natural light you can play with mirror placement. Placing mirrors opposite of windows or glass doors will reflect the light back into the room. Placing multiple mirrors in different locations will only make the room appear lighter by causing the light to jump from mirror to mirror, wall to wall.

5. Lighten up your curtains.  Getting rid of your thick, heavy, solid curtains and replacing them with light cotton or linen curtains is a great way to let more natural light into your home.

6. Make sure your view is clear.  Often times we’re so focused on fixing the inside to allow for more natural light, that we can overlook something very obvious, trimming our trees. If you have trees that need to be trimmed outside your windows, all of the previous tips could be for nothing.

7. Upgrade your windows and doors.  The last step we recommend for letting more light into your home is to upgrade the light’s point of entry to your house: your windows and doors. Having big, beautiful windows is a sure way to maximize the above tips. Also, if you have a solid door that does not allow for any light to pass through, replacing it with a glass door will really open up the entryway to your home and give it that fresh airy look you’re going for.

When you’re ready to upgrade your windows and doors to help fill your home with beautiful natural light, call us at East Coast Windows! Our experienced design team can help you find the right options that will help you meet your lighting goals.

Spring is the Perfect Time to Replace Windows

Looking out open windows to spring tulips

Looking out open windows to spring tulips

If your windows or sliding glass doors are in need of replacing, there is no better time to have the work completed than during the Spring season.

There are many reasons that Spring is the perfect time to have your windows replaced.

The conditions are perfect… literally!  The materials used to replace the windows, such as vinyl and aluminum, can expand in warmer weather and contract in colder temperatures. Another material that is directly impacted by the temperature is caulk. If caulking takes place when the weather is cold, the caulk could crack and/or split. Waiting for summer is also not a good idea when it comes to caulking. In hot temperatures, caulk may not cure properly. The perfect temperature to apply caulk is typically between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The weather is perfect.  One obvious reason that Spring is the ideal time to replace your windows is the weather itself! If you replace your windows during the winter months, you will be letting in tons of cold air into your home and most likely be turning on the heat, and therefore increasing your energy bill. On the other end of the spectrum, if you replace your window during the scorching summer months, you will be letting in hot air into your house, and most likely cranking up your air conditioner!

It’s the perfect time to change the look of your home. When it comes to aesthetics, what better time is there than Spring to give your home (including windows) a new facelift! It is also the time when you may notice that your windows need replacing in the first place! Many people notice their windows or framing are deteriorating when they are doing their annual Spring cleaning. It may have been a while since you have even tried to open your windows, especially if you live in a climate with snow and freezing temperatures during the winter months. So you may even notice that your windows are not opening and closing easily, or perhaps they are even stuck.

As you may know there are many benefits to replacing your windows, no matter what the season. These include aesthetics, energy efficiency and addressing maintenance issues. So if those reasons are causing window replacement to be on your to-do list, the Spring season is the perfect time to get the work done and cross the task off your list!

Tips to Find the Best Contractor


sliding glass doors

If you are looking for a contractor to make repairs or replacements to your home or business, you want to make sure you are choosing someone who is licensed, insured, and experienced. You also want to make sure you are choosing someone who is competent, and reasonably priced.

So how can you find a contractor you can trust?

 Read Reviews.

Yelp, Angie’s List, Consumer Reports, and the Better Business Bureau are great places to start when searching for the right contractor.

Ask for Recommendations.

Start with people you know who have had similar work done and were satisfied with the results. You can also ask your insurance company for recommendations, the Chamber of Commerce, your homeowners association, neighbors, colleagues or friends.

Interview Contractors.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions when looking for the right contractor. Ask them how long they expect the work to take from beginning to end, how long they have been in business, how many similar jobs they have completed. You may even want see examples of previous work they have done or ask for references.

Request Multiple Bids.

When you decide to do a big project, like upgrading your windows, it is always best to get bids from different contractors.  We recommend getting at least 3 bids.  This will not only help you get the best price, but shopping around and talking to several potential contractors will give you a better idea of who you will really be working with.  You may even decide to go with a bid that is not the lowest because you feel they will do a better job.

Also be on the lookout for warning signs or “red flags” telling you that your potential contractor may not be reputable. Asking for all of the money in advance or refusing to provide references can be red flags. Trust your gut and make sure you are not being pressured.

Finding the right contractor for your next project can be challenging, but is worth the time and effort. After all, you want to make sure everything is done correctly the first time. You also want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Making repairs to your home or business is an investment that should raise the value of your property for years to come.

Making Your Windows More Energy-Efficient

Living room lit by a row of windows

sliding glass doors

If you’re thinking about replacing windows in your home or business, one of your top concerns may be replacing them with the most energy-efficient option.

Having energy efficient windows can save you money. In fact, heat loss and gain through windows adds up to about 30 percent of heating and cooling energy cost, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

If you have energy concerns with your current windows, your two options are to either update your windows with new efficiency options or to replace your windows entirely. So which is the best option for you? It depends on the condition of your current windows. If after inspecting your current windows, you learn that they are still in good condition, you will probably get more value for your dollar by updating them instead of replacing them.

So what can you you do make your existing windows more energy-efficient?

One option is to add window treatments to your windows, such as shades, blinds, curtains, or drapes. You can also add exterior shading choices, such as overhangs or awnings.

However, after inspecting your windows, you may learn that you would be better off replacing them rather than updating them. But don’t worry! You have many options when it comes to replacing your windows too. For starters, you have a choice when it comes to the frame, including vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or wood frames. Then you will need to choose the insulation, the coatings and the spacers. All of these will impact the energy efficiency of your windows!  If you’re not sure which option is best for you, the friendly staff at East Coast Windows can answer any questions you may have and will make sure you get the best windows for your specific needs.

The final step in the process is, of course, the installation of your new windows, or the installation of the updates to your existing windows. If the installations are not done properly, you will most likely not get the best benefit from your new changes! Be sure to choose a contractor that is both licensed and experienced, like East Coast Windows.

After the work is done, you can look forward to reduced energy bills!

Options for Replacing Sliding Glass Doors

sliding glass doors

If you are considering replacing your sliding glass door, you may be a little overwhelmed with your options.

The two main choices you have are Sliding Glass Doors and French Doors.  So what are the pros and cons for each of these options?

Sliding Glass Doors

If you love the look of your existing sliding glass doors but they need to be replaced, then simply replacing your sliding glass doors with a new set may be the best option for you. An added benefit of replacing or having new sliding glass doors is that they will probably be more energy efficient than your current doors. The newer sliding glass doors, just like the newer regular windows, are made with more energy-efficient materials.

Really the only con to choosing new sliding glass doors, is not having an aesthetic change if that was what you were seeking.

French Doors

Many people want to switch to French Doors simply because they are beautiful and they open easily without sliding them along a track. These are both valid reasons for making the change!

However, if you have limited space in the room under consideration, you may want to consider staying with sliding glass doors. When French doors are opened, more space will be taken than with doors that simply slide open. Also, if you were hoping for screens behind your glass doors, keep in mind that screens do not usually accompany French doors.


Before making your final decision, be sure to do your research and consult a professional. Certain space requirements may limit your choices.

Replacing Condominium Windows Brings Special Concerns



When it comes to windows, condominium owners may have different needs than house owners.

For starters, many condominium units often are required to look the same on the outside, meaning you may not be able to choose just any type of window you want. So before replacing the windows in your condominium, be sure to check with your condominium association to see if you are limited to a specific window or design.

Second of all, depending on the height of your building and floor level of your unit, you may also be limited on the company you can use to install your new windows. Higher rise buildings may also have different material standards, or different fire code requirements. Check with your association or city to be sure you are meeting the correct requirements for your new windows.

If your association informs you that you are welcome to choose the windows for condo, here are some tips on the right ones to choose:

  • If you reside in a low-rise building, or have smaller-sized windows, you will probably be advised to use vinyl windows. This is because vinyl windows are good at resisting heat and corrosive environments.
  • If you live in a mid-rise or high-rise condominium building, you may be advised to choose windows with aluminum frames. This is because aluminum-framed windows are strong and durable due to the fact they are manufactured to meet higher wind pressures..

No matter what you choose, remember to check with the requirements for your current association and city.

Benefits of French Doors

French doors

If you are considering adding French doors to your home, you may be wondering, “Are there any benefits to having these beautiful doors?” This is why we have compiled a list of some benefits of installing French doors to your house.

1. Utility bills may decrease.

Having French doors in your home usually leads to a reduction in your heating and cooling bills. For example, by simply replacing a sliding glass door with French doors, you will be maximizing air retention. This is because they take less time than sliding glass doors to open and close, which will decrease the amount of air that escapes from your home.

2. Admittance.

One benefit is the greater access, or admittance, they would provide. French doors add double-doors in your home to wherever the French doors are installed. This makes it easier to move large items or furniture in or out of your home. They are also perfect when entertaining, especially if you want to welcome larger groups of people in to your home at the same time.

3. Aesthetics.

Another benefit of French doors is their aesthetics. French doors are beautiful. Wherever they are in your home, they will quickly become the focal point. And when choosing glass for your French doors, they also add more natural light. In addition, there are many designs to choose from when selecting French doors. Available in steel, aluminum, glass or wood, you can easily choose the design that would look best in your home. They can even give the illusion of a room having more space than it really does.

4. They add durability.

French doors come in various materials. If you choose a durable material for your French doors, they are often even hurricane-proof.

5. Increase your home value.

Replacing your regular doors with French doors will usually increase the value of your home.

6. French doors can function as windows, too.

If you are looking to add more light into your home, installing French doors is usually less costly than adding additional windows.

Contact us today at 954-WINDOWS and see the benefits of French doors for yourself!

A Primer on PGT Testing & PGT Winguard Aluminum Windows for East Coast Windows!!

Hurricane damage at a mobil home park

East Cost Windows is a proud partner of the PGT Industries, maker of the Winguard Aluminum products. The story of PGT Industries began with the after-effects of Hurricane Andrew (1992). The company felt propelled to come up with a better solution to flying debris.  Just like East Coast Windows, which started in 1996, the mission was to protect homeowners, especially during hurricanes and intense storms.

The number one cause for property damage during a hurricane is flying debris – not wind.  In fact, flying debris can cause glass windows to shatter, resulting in even more wind and water damage. With the Winguard Aluminum, East Coast can promise that a 9-pound beam traveling 34 miles/hour will damage but not shatter a hurricane impact window. Thus, there will be no glass shards scattering inside or outside the house, potentially causing dire risks for anyone walking near the window.

The PGT Testing is a scientific process designed to prove that impact-resistant doors and windows are engineered to handle even the most robust and strongest hurricanes the country could ever experience. In fact, the running record of impact failures with the PGT test is… zero!

And if East Coast hurricane impact windows and doors can protect your home and family from speeding debris, it can also keep you safe from intruders, noise, and UV rays which can be very bad for furniture, curtains, paintings, etc. These rays can cause severe fading and damage. Our products have structural integrity, meets international standards for air infiltration, water resistance and deglazing.

East Coast Windows can also guarantee heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant frames, locks, windows and doors that don’t just give you peace of mind but also look great with a high-quality finish backed by an impressive warranty.

With East Coast Windows, you can be assured that anyone the company partners with are experts as well and can equal the standards of East Coast. PGT products, for instance, have industry certifications. Some of the certifications of the Winguard Aluminum products include Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, International Building Code, and ENERGY STAR, among others.

With East Coast Windows and Doors, you are guaranteed to have the industry’s best! Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help you protect your family, property, and belongings during a severe hurricane.

The Myths of Curbside Aesthetics: Windows and Doors

Yellow two story house showing curb appeal

Homeowners understand the term “curbside appeal.” In a nutshell, the more appealing your house looks from the sidewalk, the higher the value of the property.

Those individuals, couples, or families that choose to buy a home tend to decide to step into the house for sale and make an offer if they like what they see from the sidewalk. Quite a few buyers make impulsive decisions to buy the house because of the aesthetics.

Understanding the Myth of Aesthetics

Liking what you see but not seeing beyond the obvious is one of the pitfalls of buying anything. Sellers don’t always reveal the truth about a house they are selling. Those windows and doors may look fantastic, but it just might be that they were recently replaced because they were damaged severely in the last hurricane – and if the house is in a medium to high-risk zone, this is probably not the first time the windows and doors were replaced.

Unfortunately, unlike used cars, the “Lemon Law” may not always apply. For example, as the buyer, you would have to prove that the seller knew about the problem when he or she sold the property to you. And if the contract to sell states specifically “As Is” then you have no recourse but to deal with the issues out of pocket.

Sometimes the myth of aesthetics has to do with renovations. You get blown away by proposals or ideas in magazines that you fail to plan carefully with a trained and experienced professional group. Therefore, your repairs look spectacular but break down soon after because of incorrect installation, poor choice of material, or improper planning.

Other myths include:

  • The myth of the clean and new could be just a cover-up for an old house that badly needs proper and expensive repair. For instance, it is not unusual for sellers to use cheap vinyl to cover-up structural damages. In the case of windows and doors – these are the vulnerable points of a house unless the windows and doors are hurricane impact.
  • The myth of a big sale in Home Depot is something that almost every consumer falls for. Unfortunately, what is put on sale are the items that need to be taken off the store’s inventory so you could end up with a mishmash of elements that don’t do much to improve the aesthetics of the house. The beauty of hurricane impact windows and doors is that you can ask for customization to perfectly match your house’s façade and enhance the curbside appeal.

To build on the current aesthetics of your new home or to completely revamp the aesthetics, turn to the professionals who can see the house in its entirety and help you come up with a vision that encompasses your dream house. And when you work with East Coast Windows and Doors, you not only get beauty, but safety and security as well!

How to Prepare Your Home so it Sells Quickly (In Any Market)

Home for sale sign white with red letters and a red SOLD sign on top in white letters

Imagine this – 16,564 single family homes were sold successfully this past January in Florida. This figure demonstrates that savvy sellers are properly marketing and selling their properties regardless of what the real estate market dictates. If you’re a seller that wants top dollar for your property, there are certain things that you can do to help your home be sold quickly. In this post, we’ll discuss 6 things you should do to get your property ready for sale. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

#1 Clean the house thoroughly.
Thorough dusting and cleaning of every nook and corner of the house is a must. A person who is ready to pay for the property will not buy it in an untidy state.

#2 Remove personal belongings.
Step into the buyer’s shoes and think, if you were to buy a house, is it wise to show off the belongings of the present inhabitants? Won’t this distract you from visualizing how the space will look with your touch? Similarly, don’t give the buyer a peek into your personal life. Pack up all your personal belongings like photographs, candles, books, and so on, and store them elsewhere.

#3 Create more space.
You have lived in this house and made it your own by altering every little space with your own personal touch. The new owner will also do this. So, remove most of the furniture and décor pieces to create a sense of space. Spacious houses attract good buyers.

#4 Check for repairs.
This is a vital aspect for any seller. In buyers’ markets, repairs can make or break your sale. Consider taking turns with a partner to check every wall, faucet, fitting and pipeline at your home. A close look will allow you to see if any area needs attention or a repair. Repairs and a fresh coat of paint will increase the value of your home and make it more acceptable to the buyer. Take help from a reputable repair agency and let them come and oversee the property – even if you miss anything, they will surely spot it and give you a good quote to get the repairs done.

#5 Empty all cabinets.
Wall cabinets and wardrobes are fixtures you cannot take with you. So a buyer is bound to open and check these cabinets to assess the space or count the racks. Thus, it is a good idea to remove all personal belongings and clothes from these areas.

#6 Remove and update your favorite items and fixtures.
If you want to take some heirloom piece, artifacts, doors, windows, chandelier, door knobs and so on, remove them from their original spot before showing your house to the buyer and update with in-style fictures. If you have a need for replacement of doors and windows, you can depend on East Cost Windows & Doors to give you a look buyers will love.

As part of its product portfolio, East Coast Windows & Doors has everything to ramp up your home. Product offerings are versatile and include impact windows, folding shutters, French doors and windows, sliding glass doors and windows, Bahama shutters, colonial shutters, etc. The full-fledged product portfolio is balanced with a simplified architectural plan and can not only help withstand hurricane impacts once installed, but also beautify your home with a touch of sophistication. Additionally, East Coast Windows & Doors has been in business since 1996 and offers experienced in-house project managers and installation crews to take care of all your immediate installation concerns. Obtain a personalized quote from them today.

In conclusion, you must get your home in impeccable shape if you want to obtain top dollar. Refusing to do so leaves money on the table and renders you privy to renegotiations or a lowered sale price. By raising the bar, you ultimately put yourself in a better selling position. So, make sure you clean the premises, remove personal belongings, make repairs and updates, and remove favorite items and fixtures. Doing so will capture the attention of someone who not only wants to be in your home, but is willing to invest their cold, hard cash to make it their own “home sweet home”.